Masked second-grade students at Dumfries Elementary School read their iPads from behind plexiglass barriers affixed to their desks in March 2021. 

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Try without masks and you'll see... They work to some extent. The exact extent is unknown but any mitigation that allows in-person schooling is worth it.


If student absences are at an all time high, it's really hard to keep insisting the masks are working.


That wearing masks over the nose and mouth when in contact with others indoors works to mitigate the spread of viral pathogens such as COVID-19 is A FULLY ACCEPTED AND REPEATEDLY CORROBORATED FACT OF MEDICAL SCIENCE.

It isn't up for debate. It just isn't.

Here are just a handful of dozens of available peer-reviewed studies that indicate quite clearly that UNIVERSAL masking works to mitigate spread:

Schools are not hospitals, and are not equipped to circulate, exchange, and scrub shared the shared air indoors.

Infected kids who attend school -- either because they don't know they're sick or their parents don't care and send them to school anyway, sick or not -- will spread COVID-19, especially the highly infectious omicron variant, in cafeterias, chorus/band classes, gym classes and sports practices/games ... where they are (wait for it) ... allowed to be unmasked and in close proximity to each other.

Until schools institute rigorous test-to-attend protocols, kids and staff will continue to get sick at school. The Delta mutation has been traced to Britain insisting on keeping their schools open in through fall and winter of 2020.

Maybe our own idiocy will result in American schools growing the next COVID mutation that keeps infectious disease experts up at night... Wouldn't surprise me.

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