Willie Deutsch

Incumbent School Board member Willie Deutsch is running for re-election in the Coles District.

Willie Deutsch

Running for: Coles District seat on the Prince William County School Board

Endorsed by: the PWC Republican Committee

Professional experience: Digital communications/marketing analyst

Education: bachelor’s degree

What are your top three issues or reasons for running for the school board?

  1. I would love to continue our work to reduce trailers and pivot to reducing class sizes, focus on improving older schools and follow through on our pledge to increase our support for economically disadvantaged students to make sure every student has a promising future after graduation.
  2. I want to see us continue to expand our career and technical education offerings. 
  3. I’d also like to work to make sure the school division is engaging the public and parents as key stakeholders in the decision making processes.

How do you think being a Republican affects the decisions you make as a school board member? 

Over the last term, we’ve seen a difference between Republicans and Democrats on the school board. Democrat school board members have been told how to vote by party leaders and come under incredible pressure when they don’t follow orders.

This isn’t how Republicans operate. No party leader is instructing us, instead we operate from a similar set of principles, which means we often work together but respect each other when we disagree. We believe in government being transparent and accountable to the people. We believe in respecting taxpayer’s dollars and not wasting money. We believe that everyone is an image bearer of God and should be treated with dignity and respect. Every administrator, teacher, staff member, parent, and student must be respected and valued regardless of background or status. We believe every child deserves an education that will prepare them to be the best person they were meant to be. We believe elected officials should be effective policy makers to craft solutions instead of blaming other governmental bodies or offering empty promises.

Can you think of any recent policy decisions you made as a board member that reflect your Republican values?

One of the biggest contrasts between both parties on the board has been a willingness to hold the administration accountable and a willingness to do so respectfully. I’ve voted multiple times in line with that belief. Also, it was Republicans who pushed to expedite school safety initiatives, reduce central office slush funds and push the money into the schools, and lead the effort to reduce 40% of our trailers and save the taxpayer over $100 million through a more cost-effective high school design.

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