OPHS softball player

An Osbourn Park softball player swings for the ball during the 2019 season. (file)

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

The Virginia High School League has left the door open for sports activity after the conclusion of the current academic year in July. A decision to play some spring sports in the summer will be made in May.

“Any options for the spring sports season will require that COVID-19 is no longer a threat and poses no health risks to our student-athletes or the public,” said VHSL Executive Director John W. “Billy” Haun. “This is extremely serious and a lot has to happen before May for us to extend the season. In every situation, every decision we make has been and will be made in the best interest of our student-athletes and public safety.”

For sports to occur in July, which is considered a dead period, the VHSL Executive Committee would need to take action and provide a one-time waiver to allow teams to practice and play.

Any athlete signing a professional contract will not be eligible. Baseball has its draft and signing in the second week of June.

Another concern is insurance. Parents would be required to provide proof that their student athlete is insured through either the school, athletic participation through the school or by a family policy.

The VHSL said students entering college and taking summer classes that are not part of any dual-enrollment situation are no longer in high school, which would violate both its rules, making them ineligible.

New physicals will also be required since June 30 is the expiration date. Students will be required to have a new physical beginning July 1.

If there is an option approved for games to be played, there will be no state champions recognized for spring sports.

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