Shawn Brann

Shawn Brann is running for the Brentsville District school board seat.

Shawn Brann

Running for: Brentsville District seat on the Prince William County School Board. 

Endorsed by: PWC Republican Committee.

Professional experience:  Senior technical editor with a defense contractor in Northern Virginia; former acting school board member in the Brentsville District: 2016-2017; former language arts teacher at Woodbridge Senior High School: 1999-2006.

Education:  Certificate in educational leadership, George Mason University; master’s degree in education, George Mason University; Bachelor of Arts degree in English, George Mason University; Bachelor of Arts in speech communications, George Mason University.

What are your top three issues or reasons for running for school board?

My website has a page devoted to three issues that I want to focus on if elected to the board; however, based on the feedback that I have received from constituents in the Brentsville District and my recent discussions with many principals in the district, there are many more issues that I'd like to work with other board members to accomplish.  I look forward to getting started.

Q: How do you think being a Republican affects the decisions you make (or will make) as a school board member? 

I am not registered as a member of any political party. I was endorsed by the PWC GOP and consider myself conservative, but I believe strongly that the school board should be non-partisan. In addition, I was recently endorsed by the Prince William Political Action Committee of Educators (PW-PACE), which is an endorsement that I cherish strongly as a former PWCS teacher of seven years. My decision-making will not be affected at all by any political ideology. Instead, it will be based on the feedback that I receive from the constituents in my community. I believe every issue should be evaluated from all sides before coming to a final decision. I had the opportunity to work in a bipartisan manner with other members of the school board during my tenure as an acting school board member and look forward to having that opportunity again.

Q: Can you think of any issue you are promoting that reflects your Republican values?

I think my values are no different than many in the Brentsville District who want great schools, great teachers and the opportunity for their children to succeed in life based on the education that we provide. Our values do not need to be defined as Republican values or Democratic values, and I hope every candidate for school board feels the same. In the end, we should be doing what's best for all students in PWCS. I have talked to many PWCS parents, teachers and principals who are disappointed when highly partisan agendas are brought onto the dais and see this as a detriment to the progress that can be made by working together. 

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