I have worked with Supervisor Principi on a variety of issues, including as the chairman of the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association. I have lived in Woodbridge for nearly 50 years, and have watched as the area degraded.  I have also seen the reversal of this over the past 10 years, because of Mr. Principi’s on-going strong push to revitalize the area. Nearly 75 poorly maintained buildings have been either upgraded or demolished due to his efforts. Streets that once had kids dangerously walking to school on the edge of the road now have sidewalks. Route 1 from Mary’s Way to Featherstone is being expanded to connect with the six-lane portions to the north and south because Supervisor Principi insisted on this improvement. Utilities are being undergrounded (a needed improvement) because of his efforts. There are many other accomplishments – including the boardwalk -- too many to include here.

I have also participated in the Woodbridge District Budget Committee for the past 10 years. The committee usually includes four or five citizens, and we read through the entire draft budget, and alert Mr. Principi of areas of concern. He incorporates our thoughts with his when addressing the board of supervisors with suggested changes to the budget. Many times, these modifications are included in the final county budget.

There will be a lot of turnover on the board of supervisors in the coming year.  We need to continue to have an experienced, effective Woodbridge supervisor representing us – Frank Principi.  

John Karhnak

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Kevin Raymond

Frank has done an outstanding job re-building North Woodbridge......will help to bring corporations to Woodbridge, improve tax structure and transportation......


It's gotten worse since he took office, sprawl.

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