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LETTER: We want the rural crescent left alone

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

Five members of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors blatantly failed to listen to the voice of the people of the county. Maybe because they do not represent the section of the county we live in. So why should they care, right?

Maybe because they didn’t think we were eloquent enough or didn’t present our points very well. It sure seems that we were dismissed rather easily and without much thought at all, whatsoever.

Just because we live in an area that is zoned agricultural doesn’t mean we are rubes. It is not just because we want no more development. It’s a way of life. It’s country. It’s families. It’s a refuge from the grind and traffic and hustle and noise. It’s being able to have some chickens or cows or horses. It being able to have neighbors who can’t look out their window into yours. It’s having neighbors who care, and share and pitch in when help is needed. It’s not having cookie cutter homes piled on top of one another. 

Our kids are safer, their lives are simpler. They get to immerse themselves into a culture that is disappearing more and more in our great country. A culture that’s farm-like and idealistic, much like it was when we were growing up. Lots of farms here in Prince William County then. They are disappearing as the urban sprawl slithers into their places. A sad note in our county’s and country’s  history. 

No, we don’t want more development. We want the rural crescent left alone. We want you to hear us. We elected you. You should not have your own agenda. Our voices matter, whether you like them personally or not. It’s the majority of the people that matter. You can say to yourself, “I represent the majority.” The truth is there were few there who wanted this development. The ones that mattered were there. The ones that mattered live in this area and are the ones affected by your imaginings of a greater good. We don’t want our region changed for the reasons I stated, and there are probably many more. 

We are tired of politicians ignoring us. Mr. Candland, Ms. Vega an Ms. Lawson, I commend you for standing for your constituents. The rest of you, reconsider the consequences of your actions. 

Norman Ray Wilson


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(7) comments


As a resident of this area, I’ll be the first to say that not all residents are against development. I want MORE development. We live in a metropolitan area of our nation’s capital, not some middle of nowhere town out in the country. Before anyone tells me to “move if I don’t like it”, then I say the same to those people. But I don’t want to tell anyone to move, my point is that if you don’t want another “fairfax county”, there is a happy medium between that and not developing over 50% of the county. There is a happy medium between houses stacked on top of each other and 1 house per every 10 acres.

I applaud all supervisors for taking a stand for what they believe is right, but don’t be mistaken, there are plenty of people who want the rural crescent developed.


"The rest of you, reconsider the consequences of your actions."

Ha! They wont! Thats not what they were put there for, they are there to retaliate against the White man and all for all his wrongdoings, also known as the Bill of Rights.

Farmland you speak of? Of course, look who runs the bingo in that aspect:

Thats nice, a psychopathic self-proclaimed Messiah and Eugenicist, no wonder why Censorship is off the charts right now. They call it "conspiracy theories." Thats the only way to get away with the crimes against humanity.

That not enough for everyone? Didnt think so, the Justice for Black Farmers Act will take care of it!

Its nothing against the rural crescent, theres nothing wrong with it and its stake in the community. But like I've mentioned before, other parts of the county, yes had less as much farmland than the western end, but is still overcrowded and overdeveloped at the tax-payers expense and demise.

In other words, your best bet is to seek refuge elsewhere because with fraudulent electronic voting, the algorithm decides beforehand who is declared Winner, before the very first ballot is even cast!



From Wikipedia

“American Renaissance (AR or AmRen) is a white supremacist website and former monthly magazine publication founded and edited by Jared Taylor. It is published by the New Century Foundation, which describes itself as a "race-realist, white advocacy organization".

“The publication promotes pseudoscientific notions "that attempt to demonstrate the intellectual and cultural superiority of whites and publishes articles on the supposed decline of American society because of integrationist social policies.”

So Hawkeye10 are you also a white supremacist



@Hawkeye10, I sincerely apologize for any aspersions I cast on your reputation.


No problems here Sir, im happy you looked into it though, apparently they are local, in Oakton. They remind me of the guy in American History X. They are way in over their head and toxic/extremist in their views.

With all of that being said, constitutionally they are protected simply because at least in my view, it is an example of "freedom by association." you or I dont have to agree with their extremism, as they are entitled. But its still non-sense what they are spewing. But again, good for you for taking the time to check that out, because I did not. So thank you!


The original article that was posted on this racist website you just brought to my attention is from Mother Jones, as indicated at the end of the article.

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