A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

We need a new national policy to establish and sustain social justice for all humankind in

America and across the world; a social contract that includes racial, gender, economic and

health care equality for all. The objective is for the people to live the fullness of life 

in peace, tranquility and prosperity. 

The lifelong mission is for the people to have the courage, calmness and confidence to treat all humans genuinely and sincerely with decency, dignity, respect, trust, love and understanding. The foremost way to defeat prejudice, in all its ugly forms, is through love.

Prejudice, violence and intolerance, veiled or unveiled, are incompatible with life 

in civil society. They are social and human weaknesses that need to be overcome

by the police, politicians and citizens to improve relationships and unify the people. 

Anarchy in the streets, rioting, looting and fires interspersed with incidents of police brutality

are setbacks that hurt local communities. In the long term, they cause delays in 

investments for housing, supermarkets and pharmacies. Neighborhoods lie fallow for

years, and the cost of insurance premiums increases dramatically. Urban renewal 

proposals get delayed due to insufficient funding. Rioting is counter-productive and

self-defeating mostly for the residents of the communities that are destroyed.

Since the 1960s, advancements in racial relations have made significant gains;

however, much more needs to be done. The objective is to continue making

improvements until equality in all aspects of life is fully achieved. Americans take

care of Americans no matter who they are or where they are. 

Within the human world, we are all sisters and brothers. A new policy needs to be uniformly supported by politicians, educators, the courts and individual citizens. This is not an

insurmountable task and needs to be accomplished sooner rather than later. 

The bottom line is, the foundation of a good society continues to grow and improve

based on love and trust.

Bob Ferguson

City of Manassas


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(5) comments

Tom Fitzpatrick

All people should be treated the same under the law.

The rest is up to the individual.

There, I have edited your manifesto down to the essential truths that should be reflected in it.

You're welcome.


How about no? We don’t need anymore of this garbage. I think it’s all jumped the shark already and most are tired of this race garbage being force fed to us.


Bob - you smoke a lot of weed don't you? Go back and re-read your editorial when you aren't high.


So the CRA and AA are not enough? Equality in this instance is the calling card of Marxism/Communism. Forget that.


How about we just go back to work and worry about taking care of our family.

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