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LETTER: We need a national voting standard

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

Congress needs to pass a simple national voting standard: The right of a citizen to vote and have their vote counted should be absolute, except if a voter is charged/convicted with voter fraud. 

Every citizen has the right to vote by provisional ballot. This would allow for same day-registration, lack of proper ID, or a challenge made by an election official or poll observer. 

The election office should have four days after the election to confirm the voter’s information and cure any issues that emerge and count their ballot or pass their data to law enforcement to conduct an investigation of fraud. 

The state should have two weeks to file criminal charges of voter fraud; if this is not done then the vote must be counted. This provides absolute voter access with absolute security. This is a direct plan that gives both parties what they claim they want. 

A registered voter with proper ID will have express voting, if not they will be directed to the provisional voting line. This reform protects Election officials from legal and political intimidation by removing their unilateral authority to prevent voting or throw out any votes.

This review and confirmation procedure should also apply to a questionable absentee ballot. It would ensure a criminal investigation if anything suspicious is found concerning evidence for voter fraud. This would clearly show the objective is stopping voter fraud but not designed for voter suppression or election nullification.

Michael Katchmeric


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(13) comments


Let's be honest with ourselves how many of you can say with a straight face they voted for Joe Biden now?


I can. Biden did the only rational course to get out of Afghanistan after almost 20 years. I was at the Pentagon the day we started the war in Afghanistan. I was on a Taskforce to get Bin Laden & Omar. We failed in that mission but we removed the Taliban from power and destroyed terrorist camps. The big mistake Bush made was failing to confirm our attack at Tour Bora and allowed Bin Laden to escape. The Afghan military was never going to be able to stand up and defend the country.


The funny thing is 3rd world countries hold better elections then we.

Show a valid state issued ID, no BS about how hard it is too get one as that is a crock.

Want to vote via mail? Cool, use the well worn absentee voting process so you can just vote once.

Stand in line to vote, cool, get your thumb dyed do you can't drive to another spot.

Look, when you get an 12pm dump of ballots it's fraud...when staff steals ballots its fraud...when more votes are cast then voters then it's fraud

Stop making easy things hard


We had less than 100 individual cases of voter fraud nationwide. These were Trump supporters. We had no ballot dumps. With this proposal the Republicans will have their best chance to prove voter fraud. All the evidence will be available in the provisional ballot data sheet. If you really believe that voter fraud happened file a criminal complaint and testify under oath. It is only Republican state legislatures that want to commit voter fraud. That is what has to be stopped.


You aren't very bright are you? Where in the world are you getting your info that all voter fraud is Republicans? There was clearly a ballot dump in PA. Your provisional data sheet doesn't mean sh ite. You really don't understand the process do you.


All the one's who voted for dead relatives were Trump supporters. They were the only one's that were charged with voter fraud. We had no illegal ballot dumps in PA in any where else. What evidence do you have of any ballot dumps? Only the Republican Party tried to throw out legal votes with fraudulent data.


Here ya go, like to know what you think of this.

Not, too difficult for you to come to terms with.


I have two Masters degrees Public Administration and Strategic Planning. I do understand the electoral process running voter protection in Gainesville the last 3 years.


I have two Masters degrees Public Administration and Strategic Planning. I do understand the electoral process running voter protection in Gainesville the last 3 years.


Let that sink in. You wont.



Mike Lindell has never testified under oath to any of his so called evidence. So he has no evidence. He will have to testify in the Dominion law suit and then we will find the truth.


You have nothing. You can not hack hard copy ballots. That is what we use.

All the machine counts have been confirmed hand recounts.


(The rest of the Letter)

This reform would preserve the right to vote by all citizens, and it would protect election officials from legal and political intimidation. They would not have unilateral authority to stop a provisional ballot vote or throw out any votes.

Voter fraud should be addressed the same as any other crime. It should require evidence, an investigation, charges, trial, and conviction. A voter fraud trial would be extremely brief. The voter only has to show that they are a US citizen, legal age, a state resident and only voted once under their own name. The state would have the burden to prove one of those elements is fraudulent.

Also, any false allegation of voter fraud should trigger a criminal investigation. This should deter the spreading of the ‘Big Lie.’ If you claim that voter fraud occurred, you should be willing to file a criminal complaint and be cross examined under oath. That should be the standard for all allegations of voter fraud.

Alternative voting methods such as drive-through-voting, late-night-voting, and drop boxes should be permitted as long as they can be made as secure as Election Day voting. The burden should be on the state legislature to prove that these alternative methods are more vulnerable to fraud or voter intimidation. If not then they should be allowed.

I hope the Senate will consider a bi-partisan bill protecting fundamental voting rights while at the same time providing for absolute voter security and integrity of the election process.

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