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LETTER: Voting rights must be protected

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

All voters should be concerned with partisan Republican state legislative efforts at voter suppression and election nullification. Republicans have declared a war on voters and election officials to try to stop the non-existent threat of voter fraud. Voters and election officials are not the problem. They are bound by law to tell the truth. It is the Republican officials who are not tethered by the truth that are spreading the “Big Lie.”

The solution is to target voter fraud allegations directly, instead of these voter suppression and election nullification laws masquerading as election integrity. We need a narrowly focused bill that provides total voter access while having complete security that voter fraud would be detected and prosecuted. 

The national standard should be: The right of a citizen to vote and have their vote counted should be absolute, except if a voter is charged/convicted with voter fraud. 

Voter ID can facilitate voting but should not be an absolute requirement. All eligible voters should have the right to cast a provisional ballot. This would allow for same-day registration, lack of proper ID or a challenge made by an election official or poll observer. 

The provisional ballot preserves the right to vote. The election office should have four days after the election to confirm the voter’s information and cure any issues that emerge and count their ballot or pass their data to law enforcement to conduct an investigation of fraud. The state has two weeks to file criminal charges.

Denis Katchmeric


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(6) comments


"Voters and election officials are not the problem. They are bound by law to tell the truth." I actually laughed out law when I read this line. Are you kidding me? I would have expected this from a soft-head youngster, but this person appears to be in their 60's! This disconnect from reality is the main problem with the DemocRATS, and that is giving them the benefit of the doubt. More towards the Truth is they are doubling down on the destruction of America, with their defund the police BS and attacking our 2nd Amendment Rights, yeah that is a RIGHT people, guaranteed by the US Constitution. They cry "voter suppression!', "voter suppression!" But they know they mean the suppression of Illegal & fraudulent voting, you know, their main tool to cheat and steal elections. That is why they are fighting ID laws so vehemently . And by the way, EVERYONE has an ID, and if they don't, they probably are mentally impaired, and should not be voting in the first place!


Sorry for not responding sooner but I had problem with my account.

Republicans are not interested in stopping voter fraud they are only interested in voter suppression and election nullification.  If they were really interested in stopping voter fraud they would push for criminal investigations of all voter fraud allegations.  That is not happening so they have other objectives. 

My proposal would provide total voter access with total election security.

If Trump really believe the election was stolen he would file a criminal complaint and testify under oath and cross examination that his evidence was true. He or any of the ‘Big Liars” have done nothing that would place them in legal jeopardy.


This lady author can have her own opinion but if I need a current annual ID to catch a fish I PWC then demanding a current PWC VALID ID to vote is very important and not at all racist.

If you can get your ID for other government services, if you can get a license or an ID cuz you dont drive you can get one to vote..

Assuming a group of people can get an ID is racist..

She needs to get a grip!


Its Denis Michael "Mike"

I am not against voter ID but I do not believe it should be added to the other Constitutional provisions of citizenship, 18 years or older and legal state resident. Photo ID requirements provide a preference for voters who own and drive a car. You already have your photo ID it is your drivers license. You do not have to make an additional effort to obtain a photo ID. I believe the election office or the police would have to confirm the voters ID before the provisional ballot is counted. But it should not be a reason to prevent a voter from casting a provisional ballot.


"Voter ID can facilitate voting but should not be an absolute requirement". You need ID to buy alcohol or cigarettes. Why nor for voting.? Never seen anyone having a problem getting ID. I don't know what this reporter is talking about.


See answer above not against voter ID it is great for express voting but should not be a reason to prevent the casting of a provisional ballot.

This reform would preserve the right to vote by all citizens, and it would protect election officials from legal and political intimidation. They would not have unilateral authority to stop a provisional ballot vote or throw out any votes. This procedure should also apply to a questionable absentee ballot. It would insure a criminal investigation if anything suspicious is found concerning evidence for voter fraud. This would clearly show the objective is stopping voter fraud but not designed for voter suppression or election nullification.

Voter fraud should be addressed the same as any other crime. It should require evidence, an investigation, charges, trial, and conviction. A voter fraud trial would be extremely brief. The voter only has to show that they are a US citizen, legal age, a state resident and only voted once under their own name. The state would have the burden to prove one of those elements is fraudulent.

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