I wept as I looked at the faces and read the stories of the Virginia Beach shooting victims. Their stories unique, yet achingly familiar: mother of a 22-month-old son, beloved uncle, 57-year-old father, mother of three. “All he ever did was try to help whoever he can.” “You couldn’t ask for a better human being…”

And then I saw this from state Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment: “It is offensive, disrespectful, and tasteless that anyone — including Senator Adam Ebbin and Ms. Haas — would use a tragedy like this to promote a political agenda less than 24 hours after families and an entire community have suffered a loss of this magnitude.”

Really, Sen. Norment? With a mass shooting virtually every day, when would be a good time to talk about this? In 2019 in Virginia alone, we’ve had five mass shootings (17 dead and 24 injured) and a total of 93 deaths by gun. The vast majority of Virginians favor sensible gun safety laws yet you and your NRA-funded Republican Party continue to block all legislation. Meanwhile, Virginians die.

Three of Fauquier’s members of the General Assembly, Delegates Mark Cole and Michael Webert, and Senator Jill Vogel, have 100-percent ratings from the Virginia Citizens Defense League and the NRA. If you believe we need sensible gun legislation, VOTE in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, June 11. Choose your candidate to go up against Webert and Cole in the 18th and the 88th districts.

If we can't change their minds, we will change their seats!

Andrea Marten


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Andrea Marten - please define "sensible gun safety laws". What law would you favor that would have prevented what happened in Va Beach? And yes, it was obscene that brain dead liberals started promoting a political agenda before we even knew exactly what happened. I know some of you low information people just can't grasp this, but guns don't kill anyone. If they do, then all of mine are defective. And oh, but the way, "a mass shooting virtually every day"??? PLEASE!

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