Congratulations to Ms. Greta Thunberg for being selected as Time magazine's 2019 “Person of the Year. She is a person of action and hope as we all struggle to right the wrongs we have perpetuated upon our planet. 

This being said, it is outrageous that the person who sits in the Oval Office cannot bring himself to recognize the achievements of this 16-year-old whose sole goal is to save not only the planet but also everyone who lives here. My take on this is that he is outraged and jealous that he was not selected to grace the cover.  Oh please!   

When are we, as Americans, going to have the benefit of not having such a person supposedly represent us?  

Hopefully, the next 11 months will energize us all to see this person for who he truly is, i.e. someone who attempts to overturn regulations that have done much to preserve the planet. His egregious policies, which spring from his own ego, violate the tenants of spiritual values, whether one be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Native American, Wiccan or other religions, which all demand that we live in harmony with Mother Nature; otherwise, we  and our children are doomed.  


Marian Patey 



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There will never come a time when a very young teenager with zero life responsibilities will impact my thinking or being. Add to her charade she may live an ergo freindly life but her support team burns up fossil fuel to keep up with her. Vote Trump in 2020 and keep the economy booming and keep the wall going up and keep up a strong support for the 2nd amendment. No wonder Time magazine is on life support


Even Hitler won Time's Man of the year, see the parallel to Greta.


Kevin, shes a teenager. Who cares what she has to say. Why is this even news lol

Kevin Raymond

Hey Ormandu or whatever you call yourself.....have someone read the paper to you about Greta..…..


Lets defend the spoiled lefist brat from Europe. That's all this rag is good for.


Who is this Greta Thunberg? Bigger question is who cares.

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