I have been a Republican for over 40 years, though this allegiance has been tested in recent years.  The party I supported espoused free trade, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense and personal integrity.  Sadly, today’s Republican Party has strayed from most of these principles so far as to become unrecognizable. Republicans in Congress have stood mute while our president ignores these principles.  Recently, he launched a slanderous attack on John McCain, a patriot who has suffered much for, and given much to, this country.  I looked for refutations from Republicans for this outrage, but mostly heard silence. 

I wrote my congressman, Rob Wittman, about it, but received only a standard non-responsive answer.  When will the Republican Party decide to again stand up like principled people with integrity? 

James W. Fox 



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Kevin Raymond

Yes, it is amazing how the Republican Party has gone downhill so fast. They used to be the party of Patriots, responsible spending, and anti-communists. How does one support Republicans who now work against our Allies, NATO, EU and other international organizations that were formed after WW II??? Now our alleged leaders in the White House support world dictators such as Putin, Un of North Korea, Xi of China, and several others. It is sadly ironic that Pompeo visited NATO last week in the midst of a possible war with Iran. Pompeo simply left.. And today, Dumbo Don sent 1,500 troops to Iran to protect others. Iran has 80 million people. The JCS asked that Dumbo sewnd 5-10 thousand troops if any.....


Both you posters are crazy and Fedupwithparties, if you really like Nancy Pelosi, you are not a moderate, you are a democrat. Virginia has gone steadily downhill since you carpetbaggers from MD. and D.C. have brought your crimes and attempts to tax everything, all the time, Mitch McConnell is an idiot as well as Ryan. Schumer and Pelosi, too put it bluntly are evil.

Jim McCarthy

I, as a Democrat, mourn with you as a vigorous political system requires an honest competition. True, there are some bad actors on the Dem side, but the slope taking the GOP downhill has become radical.


I agree with both of you. I'm truly a middle of road moderate, but I do lean a bit to the left. However, I'm sickened at the new Dem Congresswomen who are anti-Semitic and appear to be truly irrational in their thinking. I respect Nancy P., but her unwillingness to rope this nitwits in are going to cost Dems many votes. As for the Reps, especially in the Senate, Mitch McConnell needs to go. He is an impediment to any kind of constitutional behavior and has attached himself so much to DJT, you can't tell them apart. George Washington had it right when he said, "When people start belonging to parties, they stop being Americans."

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