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On the night of Sunday, Nov. 13th, three football players at the University of Virginia were fatally shot and killed by a student amongst them. Their names were D’Sean Perry, Devin Chandler, and Lavel Davis Jr. 

As a UVA student, I am heartbroken. No one could have predicted the loss of three incredible and talented young men. Perry, Chandler and Davis Jr. all had great aspirations and exceptionally bright futures. The UVA community collectively shares the grief of this tragedy, and words cannot explain the devastation we are all feeling.

The evil of gun violence took away these lives. In a community that I have always felt safe, and in a place that I consider home, I would have never thought that this evil would happen here. This mass shooting was among at least 68 shootings this year on U.S. school grounds, including 15 on college campuses. 

School shootings should not be the norm. 

As a devout Muslim, I believe that prayers are more important than anything, especially during hardships like these. I also believe that “thoughts and prayers” are not the only solution, and tangible action must be taken in order to end gun violence. That could mean increased access to mental health care, raising the age to access a gun,and closing loopholes for background checks. My sincere prayers are with the family and friends of D’Sean Perry, Devin Chandler, and Lavel Davis Jr. I pray that they rest in peace, and that real change can be made.

Laaibah Tayyeb


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Age was not the issue here, mental illness and bullying were.

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