Its projected 17 Senate Republicans won’t vote to impeach former President Donald Trump. This is a gross miscarriage of justice, particularly after overwhelming evidence against Trump.

Justice is truly blind.

The same lawmakers who obsessed over Benghazi are downplaying the attack on the Capitol. President Trump repeatedly spread lies that the election was stolen and incited these terrorists to attack the U.S. Capitol, resulting in numerous deaths and placing law enforcement and members of Congress in harm's way. Such illegal and immoral actions are an abysmal violation of his oath of office as president of the United States and should have consequences.

Laws are made to act as deterrents.

If Trump is neither held accountable by Congress nor by the courts, why should any American be held accountable for committing crimes, particularly when such crimes are less severe than the treason and high crimes committed by former President Trump?

For four years, many Republicans turned a blind eye to Trump and instead chose to empower and enable this tyrant, did as he pleased and blamed opposing comments as fake news. 

After the Senate impeachment hearings conclude, I humbly implore that this matter be brought before the appropriate courts so Trump can be held accountable for the numerous deaths and injuries of law enforcement and their families and for the threats against members of Congress and their families.

Thank you and keep safe,

Michael H. Bizik, Sr.


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The Establishment needs to be held accountable. Their anti-American, racial divisiveness, and prolific borrow and spend mentality is destroying the fabric of this nation. They are losing the "consent of the governed."


hahhahahahahhahahahahhaha hahhahahahahahahahhaha what a idiot


He didn't incite anything. Both impeachments were partisan circuses. Myriad Dems are guilty of much more incendiary language over the past number of years. Find something else to be filled with self-righteous outrage about and seek help.




You are an idiot.


Would you care to expand on that enlightening comment? Doesn't matter as the courts will not share you're rosy view of what the grifter in chief has been up to now that he can no longer hide behind the office.





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