“We need to talk” you say.  When you say “talk,” do you mean talk as in conversation or talk as in lecture? There is a difference. The tone of your opinion piece “Racist stickers, flyers can’t be ignored” is more on the order of lecture than conversation.  

Who is/are the “we” you are addressing? What is the scope, content and outcome “we” are to talk about? For instance, since racism is the featured topic in the opinion piece, should not “racism” in all of its forms, practices and practitioners be talked about? Your opinion piece is painfully one-sided on the issue. What point is there in talking when the “opposing” viewpoint is discounted out of hand or when “we” are rudely and mindlessly talking past one another? 

In large measure, “we” are poles apart on issues. Supposing, however, that we were to get together to talk. What would we talk about? Would we talk about racis[t] implications of multiculturalism? Would we talk about inclusion as opposed to assimilation? Would we talk about racism with respect to renaming schools, streets, highways, etc.? Would we talk about the racism in the efforts to expunge all vestiges of the Confederate States of America from the history and current life of America? Would we talk about the racism in the blanket vilification of “white supremacist” and/or “white nationalist” groups? 

As long as I’m just asking, might I ask if those gracious families who provided food and beds to participants in the march to confront “white supremacy” would have been as gracious if the marchers had been marching to confront and prevent desecration and destruction of Confederate monuments in Charlottesville and elsewhere? And those racist stickers. Other than the one that appeared on your parking sign outside your offices and the one that was “plastered directly atop the bronze plaque outside our door,” were there others elsewhere in town or just near your premises? 

Talk is cheap. Anyone can do it. Racism is destroying our history, culture and unity of this country. It is progressively becoming a tower of babble with everyone speaking in their own tongue and having little or nothing in common with one another. “We” are now living in a house divided and a house divided cannot long stand. 


Jerome C. Burchard 


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We face many specters on this topic. Black nationalism is one as well, and anti-Semitic phrases today are more and more being talked about and covered up by Muslim and other assorted groups(liberals, democrat politicians). The 800 lb monster in the room is far bigger then the one group pigeon holed by Jim McCarthy. History happened, you can't just erase it.

Jim McCarthy

Well, there is racism and then there is moral equivalency. IMHO, removal of Confederate statues is not racist nor marching in opposition to proponents of white nationalism who chant anti-Semitic phrases. The letter writer needs to re-examine his paradigm and moral equivalencies regarding what is racist and what is not.

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