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LETTER: Supervisors’ pursuit of data centers reignites the power of the people

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

I’ve spoken many times before the Prince William Board of County Supervisors to share my opinions about the insistent actions they have taken, and continue to take, toward data center expansion outside of the county’s overlay district and into the “rural crescent” and our national landmarks. 

There was a recent article in Bisnow that focused on the increasingly hostile environment that data center developers are facing at the local level. It specifically calls out Prince William County and quotes the president of a Boston-based PR firm, saying he “worries that people are only learning what data centers are in the context of their environmental impacts or as a branch of ‘big tech.’” How bold of him? How transparent? He doesn’t debate or dispute our opposition; he simply provides strategies for overcoming it.

The one-sidedness of the current majority on the county board has often left me feeling defeated. But what I’ve come to realize is that I’ve been shortsighted. Their actions are just what we needed to wake people up and embolden their power. The power lies with the people.

In light of this realization, I want to thank the board of supervisors for waking us up through actions that are so incongruent with the will of the people and our desire to protect our natural resources that we have no choice but to take action.

I’ve walked the halls of our state Capitol and the Pocahontas building many, many times. January is just around the corner. I will be walking them again and land use in Prince William County will be on my agenda.

Nadia Stewart


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(5) comments


Remember this well...where once you wept over pagekand land being torn up, you now hurriedly embrace the greed tossed at you under the door or over the transom .

It's the selfish greed that quells your tears and tears they were as I was there to see it.

Money took away your "self" just as cash bought our elected supervisor and took away his courage to step down with dignity.

But remember this and PR firm in Beantown can help...we are THE voters and what may be done via cash can be undone via the ballot.

There is a vast difference between winning a battle and winning a war. Just ask the victors of 2nd Manassas .

Just say no to the data centers as they are false promises as tech rapidly advances.


What are "insistent" actions??? And when it comes to MY land, keep YOUR opinions to yourself.


Your land drains into the public waterways so what you do on your land effects everyone in PWC. Once you sell your land to the data centers they are planning on destroying the environment and damaging the the quality of the water draining into PWCs source of drinking water. So everyone needs to be concerned not just the current land owners.


How rude. Simply stated, you are only in it for the money and everyone else be danged even when people have their homes seized to create a 4 lane highway.

You are exactly what is wrong with this dumb project.

Gimme my dough and the rest of you shut up cuz "I" am more important then lowly you.

Ick...and to think you are this selfish all the time...Ick


Standing Ovation!!!!!!!!

The power lies in the people. Don't forget that my fellow citizens.

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