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LETTER: Stop SROs from arresting our students

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

In response to the article, “Police chief: School resource officer rules under review,” published on Oct. 4, instead of limiting the number of arrests of students, I would argue for the solution of not arresting any students, period. 

According to an article published May 24 by the ACLU of Washington, “Research shows that the presence of SROs is detrimental to the welfare of our children, leading to the increased criminalization of youth for child-like behaviors.” The article tells us that the federal government spends $1 billion annually on funding SROs when evidence has shown the presence of SROs does not decrease the rate of school shootings. 

Additionally, the arrest rates in schools with SROs is three times greater than in schools without an SRO, which only perpetuates the systemic school-to-prison process that punishes juveniles into the criminal justice system, denying them the right to attend school. 

The juveniles who find themselves in the criminal justice system are more likely to be pushed out of school permanently, fail to graduate, be arrested again, or end up in adult prisons. 

More importantly, disproportionate rates students of color or with disabilities find themselves in the criminal justice system. 

Alarming, too, is that most school arrests are for non-serious issues, such as bad grades, tardiness, disorderly conduct such as cursing or not following directions. 

Please put our youth first, remove SROs from the schools and stop arresting our students period – instead of just decreasing arrests for minor offenses.

Megan Pittman

Salem, Va.

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A high school girl in Loudon County was raped by a skirt-wearing high school boy in the girl's bathroom at the school. Let that sink-in for a minute or two. Afterwards, the school tried to cover it up. Had enough?


Holy moly, what an idiotic letter. No one is being arrested for bad grades! Where do you libturds come up with this stuff. Apparently you haven't seen the recent stats on skyrocketing violence in schools that have eliminated their SRO's.


Congratulations on completely being the problem. Students are not arrested for bad grades, they are arrested for violent and criminal behavior. The problem is NOT that police arrest those disrupting class, threatening teachers, and being an obstruction to learning, the problem is that these out of control, wanna be thugs, have adults whining on their behalf. Instead of demanding accountability, noise making half wits blame the police instead of the juveniles who have failed to gain self control. Stop blaming standards and the need for police to maintain those standards. Blame the students for not grasping the basic lesson in how to behave.

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