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The Preserve at Long Branch development is the first development permitted with sewer in the rural crescent. It is the demise of Prince William County’s green space. Supervisors who voted for this proposal are out of touch and not from this region. The donated park will not have a table, toilet or parking area. It’s a parking lot and trail. Dove's Landing Park still has no sign, table or toilet. What's the point?

How can Chair Ann Wheeler and the supervisors completely disregard the citizens and supervisors from the Coles, Brentsville and Gainesville districts? For Wheeler to imply there are no farmers shows us how uninformed she is. Has she ever spoken with residents who farm there, apparently not!  

My friend moved with her horses to Orange County. Her land flooded because the Lake Jackson Dam is broken! She's no longer on the edge of development and doesn't have the best of both worlds, where she can shop or enjoy the Hylton Performing Arts Center or be close to a military medical center. Have they met families who move to the rural crescent just to escape urban sprawl?  

The rural crescent is a gem to be preserved. How dare Chair Wheeler imply that these folks in opposition just don't understand and that we lied in our outreach to inform the public?! C

itizens don’t know how to navigate the county web page, but they know they experience uncontrolled growth, crowded schools, gridlocked roads, pools, libraries and recreation centers that are too crowded.

They understand GREEN space and want to protect what is remaining from the GREEDY Speculators. Homes built in the rural area and mid-county will impact every road north of that area! We CARE about our community! 

The Northern Virginia citizens seek recreational activities in the countryside of Loudoun and Fauquier counties. They enjoy wineries, breweries, wedding venues, bed-and-breakfasts, farm- to-table restaurants, farm weekends, tours, orchards, hayrides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hiking, festivals, four-wheeling and paintball, ropes courses, campgrounds, petting zoos and family activities. They support country stores with local vendors. Citizens from every ethnic and professional background want to escape the rat race!  

We've all lived in apartments, townhouses and worked hard and saved to be able to live where we do. Some people want to live in the country, not in a developed cookie-cutter neighborhood. The rural crescent should be available as an alternative lifestyle and should be embraced, not destroyed.

Lori Fenn


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I laugh, really out loud laugh at the idiocracy of those that support the destruction of the Rural Crescent...you know like all those Supervisors who while running for office looked us in the face and with true sincere eyes and tone told us they would protect it, which of course they didnt.

I wonder how much graft and corruption they took to change their mind.

I pity the fool that resorts to name calling as his/her best shot at expressing his views.

But ponder this truth: the proffers in PWC are so silly low that the payments which are supposed to be made per home sold will never ever ever cover the demands of roads, schools, county services, hospitals, police, fire staff and equipment etc and so on.

So dear reader, as these McMansions go up and the builder basks in tub of greenbacks and the Supervisors giddily count their new found under the table cash plus feast on PAC donations, our taxes will rise...again

So dont just look at this as the destruction of the Crescent, which it is, it is the Yellow Brick Road to higher taxes and wealthier Supervisors.

Thank you PWCS for keeping your promises and supporting the voter...NOT


It's real simple morons - if you want to control it, come buy it.


When you exclaim "come buy it", are you speaking on behalf of the tax-payer?


I am speaking on behalf of my self - one who owns land in the rural crescent. If you want to dictate what can and can't be done with the property, simply come buy it and do whatever you want. Why should I suffer because someone else wants nice views???


"The rural crescent should be available as an alternative lifestyle and should be embraced, not destroyed."

Sounds like the motto you would hear at a nudist resort, can you imagine Ann Wheeler in her birthday suit? Someone call the paramedics! But all kidding aside....

Government that which governs least, governs best.

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