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The Prince William County Democratic Women’s Caucus is issuing a statement to call to light the actions of the Prince William County Police Department in their handling of the incidents at the McCoart building on Tuesday, July 14. 

In addition to our assertion that the PWCPD mishandled the peaceful protest and denied individual’s First Amendment rights, we insist that all unjust charges are immediately and fully dismissed against the young, peaceful protesters. We further demand that those who wish to press charges against the agitators have their rights upheld to do so. 

We call on the board of county supervisors and the commonwealth’s attorney to pursue a full and independent investigation into the actions that occurred and that all findings be made public. We ask that those involved must be held accountable. We expect both the police and the county executive to be scrutinized. This is a critical step in the pursuit of justice and equality. 

Lastly, we ask that the Prince William County Human Rights Commission look into any violations that may have occurred during the arrest of four young adults at the McCoart building. As a coalition of women in this county we have seen our community perpetuate a bias against Black and brown communities and we are here to rally for justice at all levels. 

The incident at the McCoart building highlights the systemic racism and patriarchy that our county continues to elevate. As the Women’s Caucus, we are calling for our elected officials, community leaders, activists, and business owners to uplift the many women and minorities who have been affected by police brutality and injustice. 

The PWC Democratic Women’s Caucus demands that our representation on all levels of government ensure our civil rights regardless of gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, beliefs, or religion. It is our collective obligation to press forward so that future generations see us as trailblazers in the continued pursuit for a safer and rational future. 

The mission of the Prince William County Democratic Women’s Caucus is to find and develop leaders within Prince William County that uphold Democratic values while advocating for women’s issues in a valued, inclusive, and diversified body. Through empowering and expanding the electorate, the Democratic Women's Caucus will demand representation. 

These actions on their own are not the full solution. We all must work with other leaders in the community to continue to amplify the voices of women in our lives. 

Katelyn O. Page


Prince William Democratic Women’s Caucus 

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Lock them all up.


Criminal rioters should be thrown in jail and made to pay restitution.


Jesus Christ, SHUT UP!!

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