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As the Prince William Board of County Supervisors address taxation for 2020-21, it is important to note that various models are being used in this important deliberation. 

The most used comment is that Prince William County is among the highest real-estate taxed locality in the area. Unfortunately, this model has little to do with comparisons of real estate taxes throughout Virginia. 

A recent analysis based on Census data points out there are seven localities in Virginia that have median taxes higher than Prince William County. The highest median is in Falls Church City, at $6,005, to Fairfax City, at $3,646. Prince William County comes in at $3,402. 

Sadly, thousands of county residents have lost their income during the pandemic. Never is the "right time" to increase taxes. But county school teachers are among the lowest paid in the region. 

Consideration should be given to appropriate levels of monetary proffers for builders to pay for the hundreds of millions of dollars that will cost county taxpayers to fund new schools that are needed to accommodate increases in the school-age population.

Kevin Raymond


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Sad that PW Times even allowed this essay to be published. The clear reason why we don’t pay as much in real dolllars is because our homes don’t cost as much. We aren’t as rich as those other jurisdictions, so we don’t pay more. Get it? Our real estate tax rate is amongst the highest, if not the highest of any county in Virginia.


No matter how it's sliced, PWC's residential real estate taxes are too HIGH! Thousands of dollars every year from each & every homeowner. It's just too much.


Typical drivel that’s entirely missing some very important nuances


Better than the claptrap that is this comment,


Prince William County is the 19th highest median income earning county in the ENTIRE country, the average household is earning just around six figures a year. It isn't the highest, Fairfax is taxed more with only a slight increase in income.

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