I am writing this in response to the article Lame-duck board names new park for late county clerk who delayed same-sex marriage in Virginia, published in your newspaper on Nov. 20. 

While Michele McQuigg was an influential woman in the county, she did not support equal rights for all the residents in Prince William County or Virginia.  

For a park to be named after her would set the county back years in moving toward a more inclusive community. Having a park named after her would be creating a symbol in the community promoting the rejection of the LGBTQIA+ community within Prince William’s bigger community.  

Residents who know of the park and the woman it was named after could view it as encouragement or validation for them treating members of the community as lesser beings.  
As a member of the community, I do not want to see more division being fostered by naming a community park after a woman who fought to keep my neighbors from receiving equal treatment from the law. Our community should not support or put someone on a pedestal who fought to keep us divided.  
Brigit Turner 


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The law applies equally to everyone. That means that you have the right to choose a way of life for yourself and I have the right to choose another different one for myself. If living within this law somehow makes you feel less than others perhaps you should discuss the problem somewhere besides the media which always delights itself in bashing everything about America's communities inclusively.


yes she did just not what you wanted

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