Last night, the outgoing chair of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors engineered a farce (or maybe I should say hoax) on a grand scale. He misled the citizens of Prince William County into believing that he would bring to the board a resolution that this county would not abide by any possible legislation that in his view would limit the “rights” of gun owners.  

He told us all, and more importantly the media, that Prince William would join several other counties in the Commonwealth as a 2ndAmendment “sanctuary.” He carefully worded his initial draft of the resolution, safely avoiding a statement that Prince William County would defy any properly approved legislation at the federal or state level.   

After successfully stirring up the passions of our community and bringing media attention to himself, he acknowledged that his originally drafted resolution would not receive enough votes to pass. At least one incumbent supervisor stated publicly that she would not vote for the original draft; two others were known to have concerns with its wording. 

So, after creating a circus atmosphere at our county’s seat of government, fomenting division in our community in a way that he has become infamous for, and modifying the original resolution, at around midnight last Wednesday, the board passed a resolution by a vote of 6-2 that says essentially, “the Prince William Board of County Supervisors supports the 2ndAmendment to the Constitution of the United States.”  

It is important to note that the inflammatory word “sanctuary” does not appear in the document that was approved.   

Also, it was heavily edited to concede that the board has no authority to enforce or not enforce federal or state laws. That responsibility lies primarily with the PWC Police Department, the Prince William Sheriff’s Office, and the Prince William Commonwealth Attorney’s office.   

So, the result is much ado about nothing…almost.   

One person’s ability to create the havoc we have seen, not just during the past few weeks but throughout his 16 years as chair of the county board, is at once disheartening and enraging. The ability of a single person to foment community division instead of unity means that we must work just as hard to create a sense of community convergence despite our racial, ethnic, or ideological diversity. 


Cozy Bailey 


president of the Prince William County NAACP 


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Anyone who was around for the hate filled immigration debate in 2007 would have seen this movie before!

Corey’s all about bait and switch. He loves the drama and chaos.

Anyone who understands Dillon Rule could see this second amendment “sanctuary” farce for what it was, Corey’s last hoorah circus..

Good riddance.


Three days after this vote Cozy Bailey and his wife Andrea were at Corey’s Bel-Air Plantation for his Christmas Party, drinking Corey’s free booze until their hearts were content.


Cozy Bailey is such a hypocrite. Him and his wife were both at Corey Stewart’s Christmas Party at Stewart’s plantation drinking his free booze just days after the Second Amendment vote.



Jim McCarthy

The fear and bile generated by such tactics have resulted in death threats against one delegate —falsely for legislation on another matter. See the article on this edition.


Most likely a hoax by Carter the Socialist, the delegate in question.


This is not the first time this dog and post y show directed by the original "me too" supervisor chairman, it was always about his mind. Sadly I suspect he isn't gone.


He is gone he's working for a billion-dollar hedge fund. A better more rewarding job than dealing with corporate, liberal, elitist dems.

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