As a former member of the NRA, I'm so disappointed to see what it has become. 

I joined nearly 60 years ago to learn gun safety in order to go hunting with friends. Now the organization that I once belonged to has been transformed and abandoned responsibility for rabble rousing. 

Instead of promoting best practices such as wearing blaze orange while hunting, they have lately been spreading crazy conspiracy theories. 

The new priority of selling product has replaced wise handling of what can be dangerous weapons when they fall into the wrong hands.

Organizing around a cause may make it easier to grow membership, but focusing on solving problems would better serve the interests of legitimate gun owners and the community at large. 

NRA leaders owe it to their supporters to forsake short-term gains in favor of long-term solutions. To do that requires a major change of tone in messaging.

The Second Amendment was passed for good reasons. In order to protect it we must not let it be abused for ulterior motives. 

If you're paying dues you have a right to be well represented. Otherwise you might as well keep your money.

Bill Hosp


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As an NRA member as well as a not for profit exec I know that short term efforts must tie into long term strategy. Meaning that if the NRA plans to take Gov. Blackface to court and then all the way to the US Supreme Court and drama death blow to 2nd Amendment anarchists then fine...if not then no reason to renew my dues.


So what tone does one take when the senior politician in our state expouses unconstitutional laws, violations of 1st, 2nd, 4th Amendments. I do not think a nice orange vest will help out a whole lot.

The NRA Does considerable good in areas besides hunting. Shooting sports, historically significant protection of firearms, citizen training, legal support, among others.

I am sorry you have walked away from one of the few major voices in protection of our constitutional rights. I also have been a member of the NRA since 1980, currently a proud Benefactor Member.

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