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This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic inflicted havoc on all types of small businesses, perhaps none more than the restaurant industry. Many of these family-owned businesses have needed to shut down temporality or sadly, have gone out of business. Others managed to change their entire business plan in order to survive due to the near total shutdown from March to June. 

The ever-changing capacity limits and regulations from month to month contributed to the challenges our restaurants had to face. Take-out, curb-side pickup, and delivery became essential. 

The use of polystyrene foam containers were implemented as an affordable means to safely and efficiently deliver their food to customers. This year, however, the Virginia General Assembly is considering legislation (HB 1902) that would ban the use of polystyrene foam for restaurants and food venders, creating an inordinate burden on many small businesses at a time when they are already struggling to survive. 

The Prince William County Chamber of Commerce opposes this legislation because of the significant negative impact it will have on small businesses and their employees in the county.

Ross Snare

executive director, Prince William Chamber of Commerce


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(3) comments


If you are against foam containers, you must be racist.

Mary Page

The joke is that these containers were allowed at all! Kudos to officials for taking a long overdue first step. Bring on the wax paper!


Lol what a joke.

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