The how-do-we-help-developers approach to developing the county is clearly not resulting in sustainable communities. Instead, Prince William needs a new approach that re-focuses attention on the plan published Sept. 11 by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the county's commitment to that plan.

Prince William County's comprehensive plan already anticipates 30,000 new houses. To meet the MWCOG recommendations, we need to add 15,000 more dwelling units by 2045.

All the MWCOG jurisdictions agreed: the right approach is to add housing at transportation nodes. In Prince William, this means the six defined “activity centers.” 

The Kline property, near the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Liberia Avenue, is not among the six activity centers in Prince William County. Neither is Independent Hill or the rural crescent.

North Woodbridge is an activity center. The proposed New Woodbridge small area plan alone could accommodate 10,000 to 15,000 more dwelling units. Other activity centers with existing VRE stations could accommodate 100% of the need for additional housing in Prince William County.

There is no need to add more houses within the rural area. In fact, there is no need to include any new housing in any other area in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Restricting new houses to the six activity centers in the county would minimize new traffic congestion. Growth away from those six activity centers would increase future traffic congestion.

Land speculators are looking for a quick profit. Citizens are looking for good schools, less traffic and more parks.

Why would anyone support more building in the rural area or elsewhere that will increase traffic congestion?

Charlie Grymes


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Why do you libtards take such great comfort in telling me what I can and can't do with my private property? If you want to look at it, come buy it. My property has been in the family for decades - don't think it's a quick profit situation. It's kinda like the ole saying - if you don't like it here, LEAVE! Stop trying to control stuff that doesn't belong to you!


Nice plan and ideas.


Excellent points! smart growth benefits everyone, not just the few land speculators and developers. Defensible well thought out public policy is intended to benefit the many, not the few.

Increasing housing density through rural clustering isn't about saving open space or farming. It's about a quick financial gain for those that are at the epicenter of why the rural "preservation" study was initiated. Just read the 2014 study for yourself.

The rural crescent has been a dependable urban growth boundary for 20 years and as of today, there has been no reason given by anyone why we would sacrifice what IS working for Staff recommendations that the experts in PDR's and TDR's say are likely to fail in truly preserving open space.

This county has been "studying" the rural crescent for 7 years now. Enough already

It's time to respect the majority of citizens, whom for 7 years now, have made it clear, the rural crescent boundaries and prohibition of sewer needs to be maintained, for the benefit of everyone, not just a few.

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