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LETTER: No data centers in the rural crescent

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

I want to voice my opposition to rezoning the rural crescent for data centers. There is absolutely no necessity to do this.

Just a few years ago, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors had the wisdom and foresight to designate an appropriate area of ample size for data center use. That ordinance states: “The Data Center Opportunity Zone Overlay District was created for the purpose of promoting development of data centers within areas of the county where there is existing infrastructure that could adequately support the proposed use. This district continues the county's efforts to attract and advance high-tech industrial development while limiting negative impacts to communities.”

Are the supervisors no longer interested in “limiting negative impacts to communities”?  

Why would the BOCS advocate desecrating the rural crescent when data centers could easily be located within the overlay district without public outcry? Is it to placate a small minority of landowners who hope to reap a windfall by selling out their neighbors? Is it to show we are “business friendly” to wealthy corporations that will contribute little to remedy the inevitable environmental and infrastructure liabilities they create?

Supposedly, the BOCS is just “studying” the issue. How would they feel if powerful interests were “studying” how to ruin their community? 

Our own Supervisor Pete Candland recently demonstrated how he believes these “studies” will turn out. He reluctantly agreed to sell his home in the area and is now “studying” somewhere else to live. His surrender leaves our area without representation on this most consequential issue. He must resign and make way for someone who can take up the fight.

I implore our elected representatives to act responsibly and serve the public interest. Allowing data centers within the rural crescent is an awful idea with irrevocable consequences. Oppose!

Bill Wright


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(4) comments


If you don't own land in the rural crescent (as I do) I don't really care what you think. To be blunt - it's none of your effing business. You want open spaces, come buy them.


We have enough acres in the data center overlay without taking Pageland and part of the park. The people grasping for money will be paid millions, their interest is money. Attorneys with sketchy backgrounds and legal problems, farmland owners who have never grown a crop or raised an animal on their “farm”, people so tangled in untruths and conflicts of interest it’s obvious in the names of their contributors. The only result of the current “plan” for data centers is destruction, hundreds and hundreds of acres covered by concrete, old growth trees bulldozed, watersheds destroyed, waterways and creeks compromised, huge ugly cables and towers taking our electricity into other counties, millions of gallons of our water used and wasted by data centers leaving tax payers to purchase water from Fairfax. Where is the PLUS or GAIN from those actions? Can’t you see this is a “get rich quick” scheme for a commodity that may be completely unnecessary in the near future, we won’t require data centers, but the destruction is forever! Please deny these data centers outside the boundaries of the agreed data center overlay. Thank you


Very well said.

But I do believe that the graft has been paid and the BOCS WILL approve it, they WILL have the push for the Bi County Parkway, they WILL tear down homes, they WILL destroy lives, they WILL earese memories so the highway can flow to Dulles.


There is plenty of land already approved to plunk these monstrosities down.

They covet the Parkway!

Candland covets the cash.

Don't suggest compromise about the southern end, I live on the southern end and the Parkaway takes my home of 25+ years...thanks the dopey suggestion.

No data centers, no need for more land for data centers and I don't care how much money you all have accepted under the table.

Shame on Candland as he should have stepped down and let someone who cares fight the fight.


I think a compromise is in order. The 2 northern locations near Sudley road in which is already near a commercial area should be rezoned for data centers. The southern areas near the Battlefield and Heritage Hunt should be delayed until all impacts from the Northern area data centers area evaluated. Then the BOCS can decide what type of development they should allow in the southern area near route 29.

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