State Del. Elizabeth Guzman is running for re-election to the House of Delegates. She has been highly effective in her first term in Richmond.

Del. Guzman was a leader in supporting expansion of Medicaid coverage providing 400,000 Virginians access to quality affordable health care. Local schoolteachers report this coverage has been very helpful in the classroom, enabling children with health issues access to medical care. Del. Guzman was also instrumental in supporting salary increases for teachers who are among the lowest paid in Northern Virginia, and she helped to pass a bill to reduce the student-to-guidance counselor ratio across all grades. 

Del. Guzman supported a bill to compensate victims of wrongful incarceration and co-signed a bill to raise the grand larceny threshold.  She also worked to send funds to PRTC and VRE, and pushed for major improvements to the Route 29 and I-95 bottlenecks.  

Del. Guzman was also selected to provide a Spanish language response to the President Trump

s State of the Union Message in 2017. 

Ms. Guzman is the mother of four children. She emigrated from Peru several years ago and today holds a B.S. in public policy and a master's degree in public administration.  Ms. Guzman holds a social services-related position in the City of Alexandria. She has held several townhall meetings in Fauquier County to address traffic problems on Route 29, and in Prince William County to deal with bottlenecks on I-95.  

Del. Guzman has a proven track record in getting things done in Richmond. Please vote for her on Nov. 5.

Kevin M. Raymond

Dale City

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Average Joe

Guzman is too radical for the district. Her views align more closely to those of Rep.’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, and the rest of the “Squad.” than to the more moderate VA Democrats of recent past such as Chuck Colgan, Douglas Wilder, and Jim Webb. Virginia Democrats need to return their roots of pragmatic centrism, not the hard-left activism of New York, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.

Kevin Raymond

Hey Joe.....Delegate Guzman has worked very hard to help provide Medicaid coverage to Virginia residents and fund our schools. Where do you see a comparison with Delegate Guzman and AOC???? The Squad and Delegate Guzman are all very bright women who want to help our localities and nation. I am sure that Chuck, Gov. Wilder and Sen. Webb would support the same things that Delegate Guzman supports!!!


Pretty sure Kevin M. Raymond is Jill Palermo’s pseudonym.

Kevin Raymond

Thank you for the great compliment Drronchapman….Do you ever notice the incredible coverage of County issues that Jill provides every week????

Bill Card

HEAR's a quick look at the real Elizabeth Guzman -

Too left-wing for Prince William County.

Kevin Raymond

C'mon Bill.…..maybe many of us think Delegate Guzman has the right amount of common sense legislation....Medicaid, education. health care..…"left-wing"???? Maybe some of our elders are too right wing for our County!!!!!


Never heard of her until dark money got her elected in 2017. Just another extreme progressive candidate like Haya Ayala.

Kevin Raymond

Extreme???? How about progressive!!!!!!!

Kevin Raymond

Speaking of "dark money"...…..NRA always seems to have extra cash to help the State Republican Party? You think that NRA money is wholesome money provided by the gun lobby??

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