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LETTER: Former supervisor: Data centers ‘a gift’ for Prince William County

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

When I moved to Prince William County in 1967 with my wife and newborn, Pageland Lane was a gravel road. I could not imagine the change the next 54 years would bring. I thought it was wonderful and hoped it would never change! 

In the mid-1980s, I was an elected member of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors. I did my best to help Prince William retain its rural/farming character. The pressure to develop was enormous. The Washington, D.C. area was growing jobs, but not all could afford to live in Fairfax; cheaper land was in great demand. That pressure increases today. 

Areas I never thought would sustain high-density housing are now fully developed. The pressure on the rural areas has not let up. 

The suggested data center initiative makes the most sense for this area. Prince William County is not going to stop its residential growth. Pageland Lane has been ripe for such development for many years. It is a matter of when, not “if” it will be developed. 

Prince William citizens are being given a gift. The county has an alternative to residential development. This is the opportunity to create a positive net revenue generator while retaining some of the rural character. 

I recommend that the the board of county supervisors and planning commission approve the proposed PW Digital Gateway.

Tony Guiffré


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(5) comments


Living here over 50 years, I remember Tony and his questionable activities. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him nor anything he says regarding this issue. If he has an opinion, he’s been paid for it.


Um. No. Prince William County is not being given a gift. Eastern Prince William County is being given a gift. Western Prince William County is paying for that gift with permanent environmental destruction.


I do not understand how you can support a data center instead of more residential development. I believe 1 acre per home development is a better alternative to data centers. We have gone from one extreme to the other. 1 house per every ten acre mini-estates to 100% building or payment for 3.5 square miles. The environmental impact will be devastating. Delay any decision until all the approved data centers have been constructed and are operating for at least 6 months. Then redo all your environmental studies of these data center areas to see how accurate was your original projection. Only then vote on the Pageland proposal. You owe this to the residence of PWC to do this right.


Mr Guiffre, given a two second google search I was shocked to see what i read about you, i will not post it as it is irrelevant to this topic, but I am not sure how I feel about your advocay for this developer scheme.

There are thousands of acres that remain in the overaly, and futhermore, there is 13million sq ft of data center development that has been approved and not even built. This plan makes zero sense, It's industrial sprawl that we will ALL end up paying the price.


Like any Supervisor in PWC that I have seen for 26 years you see this as long term revenue without thinking g you way through it

As tech advances, which it will, the revenue from the boxes will be muted but the boxes will still be there and tje revenue will be much less.

The flora and fauna will be destroyed and lost FOREVER

The hottop will supply polluted water runoff

The power these boxes need does NOT exist so who pays for it?

When the revenue slows down what happens to the funded projects and programs...taxes rise.

These boxes produce very very few full time jobs

NO SIR, dont play word games...this is short term gratification with long term pain.

But just like most Supervisors , you want to kick the can down the road and leave the pain for another Supervisor.

DO NOT VOTE for this ill-conceived plan.

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