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A Virginian lawyer, Qasim Rashid is seeking to become the state's first elected American Muslim congressman as he runs against incumbent Rep. Rob Wittman in Virginia's 1st District, to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.  

Mr. Rashid's opponent is attacking him for his faith as the race tightens and Election Day approaches. Sadly, these tactics are not new. And in Virginia, they are actually historic, because nearly 250 years ago, another Virginian lawyer was attacked by his opponents as he ran for office. 

And while he was not a Muslim, he was actually "accused" of being one because he advocated for religious toleration and civil rights for Muslims. Fortunately, these views, rare at the time, would later contribute to his success -- as the third president of the United States and one of the founding fathers of this great nation.

Dr. Ahsan M. Khan

Fullerton, California

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(4) comments


Just look where this idiot letter writer is from. Kinda says it all. What a moron.


it will come to a point where no one cares about the word "racist" because it's basically used to denigrate someone the opposing party doesnt like. we called these "disagreements" in the past but now it's just racist. wittman never attacked rashid for his religion. i'll agree with the previous author, race baiting..plain and simple.


Such incoherent and lie filled propaganda not worthy of being published by this pathetic liberal rag.

Once more, Wittman has not attacked Rashid for his faith. Not one time. He has highlighted a tweet Rashid posted making light of 9/11.

Second, if the author of this incoherent trash is referring to Thomas Jefferson I assume he’s referring to Jefferson putting down the Barbary Pirates for raping, pillaging, and killing innocent men, women, and children. The Dr. is upset about that? Says much more about him than it does Rob Wittman or Thomas Jefferson, to be sure.


Enough with race bating

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