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To people in the county who believe developing the rural crescent is a good idea… not so fast. 

Developing the rural crescent to support higher density housing will require a significant amount of new infrastructure investment in roads, storm water management, sewer, water, and basic needs like fire, rescue, police etc. Millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars. 

As a result of that infusion of redirected tax dollars, areas in the county that are in real immediate need of reinvestment due to neglect and general prior poor planning will be left out.

Supervisor Andrea Bailey just recently asked the board of supervisors to approve county funds to fix a private culvert issue in the Montclair community. Because due to poor planning and increased weather events, Montclair residents are dealing with flooding!

We can’t do everything with the tax revenue we raise. How much more money do people want to pay to help developers line their pockets? 

Preserve the rural crescent. Protect your green, trees AND dollars. 

And I haven’t even addressed the Occoquan Watershed and our drinking water supply …

Elena Schlossberg


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Thanks for your comment. As you should be aware, every localities adopts a comprehensive plan that serves as a guide. The reason we have planning as a process , is to ensure sustainable quality communities for everyone. The best example recently was poor planning that allowed an industrial use like an asphalt plant adjacent to a school and residential community. When a second asphalt plant was proposed, the community advocated to deny the second plant because of all the negative health impacts to the school and residents. They prevailed because Suoervisor Boddye and Franklin joined with Republicans to deny. The rules should apply fairly to everyone.


Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do with my land. Get over yourself.

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