When we unexpectedly lost my father-in-law in 2015, D.J. Jordan was one of the first people to check on our family. Months later when we were still grieving but most of the well-wishers had left, D.J. was still there. D.J. is one of the best people I know. He’s a fantastic father, a wonderful foster parent, and the type of leader we should all seek. “People over politics” isn’t a slogan, it’s D.J.
 That’s in sharp contrast to Del. Elizabeth Guzman. Just last week Del. Guzman publicly taunted a mother who lives in her district for choosing to spend more time with her young children instead of running for office. This lack of leadership is appalling and follows her lack of leadership when Gov. [Ralph] Northam couldn’t remember if he’d posed as a Klansman last year. Most importantly, it shows her priorities: petty politics above people.

This is the same delegate who has spent more time courting national politicians and supporting special interest schemes that drive up the cost of transportation infrastructure than working to fix our traffic problems.
In 2019, we left Northern Virginia because the commute and cost-of-living made it too hard to raise our children here; we weren’t alone, three other families on our street left Northern Virginia this summer for the same reason. Unfortunately, Del. Guzman’s focus on politics over family is contributing to the problem. It’s time to elect someone with the right priorities who will fix the problem, that’s D.J. Jordan.

Anna Leieritz


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