We at Care in Action endorse Delegate Hala Ayala for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 51st District. Hala fights for policies that benefit the health, education and livelihood for all women. In her first term in office, Hala expanded Medicaid to more than 400,000 Virginians and championed a living wage, paid family leave and paid sick leave. She is a proponent of equal pay for equal work and policies that will create opportunities for women and families to thrive.

We believe in the dignity and value of all work and know that Hala will enact effective policies that guarantee the rights and protections of workers in Virginia. She has demonstrated in the statehouse and through her community work that she uses her voice to advocate for us, not corporations.

Our organization works on behalf of more than two million domestic and care workers who are mostly women of color and immigrants. Domestic work – one of the fastest growing jobs by demand – makes all work possible, yet domestic workers are undervalued, underpaid and have been excluded from labor protections. It’s important we elect leaders who will invest in creating quality care jobs and policies that support women, including higher wages, benefits and safer workplaces.

If we truly want the best for women and families in Virginia, re-elect Del. Ayala to the Virginia General Assembly on Nov. 5.

Alexsis Rodgers

Dale City

Virginia State Director, Care in Action

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kc needs to pay for it. F' NOVA.


Maybe kc can inform the tax payers how much this cost.


" Hala expanded Medicaid to more than 400,000" what she doesn't say is how many are illegal immigrants and how much this will cost the tax payers.


Say no to democrats


Say no to republicans


That's mature.


Nobody expects maturity from someone who received boatloads of dark money from Soros.

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