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LETTER: Be wary of ‘thought police’ in local schools

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

Imagine if all school curriculum was dictated by our Virginia elected officials; if the Virginia Department of Education, senators, delegates and school boards controlled exactly what teachers could teach and even what they could say in the classroom. No dissenting views. No minority or unpopular opinions could be expressed. No review process, no arguments, no variance.  

Sounds pretty dystopian, doesn’t it? Almost an anathema to the independent character and self-determination that founded our state and our county. 

President Thomas Jefferson, who lived just down the road from Northern Virginia, started the radical idea that our new nation would be made more prosperous and democracy would grow stronger if every child received an education at the public’s expense.  

From the brave teachers in one-room schools to education innovators today, [public education] has relied on our professional teachers to manage their curriculum and teaching styles and chafed when too many impositions, like [standardized tests], dictated too much of what teachers spent their time on, pulling them away from teaching a broader curriculum. 

Unfortunately, there are those trying to impose a standardized curriculum that doesn’t allow our trained educators control over what is taught in schools. They are certain they know what is best for our students and demand school systems do what they say; then everyone would learn the correct story of our nation and we would come together and unite without opposition. 

It may surprise you to learn that the party planning to impose its will universally on the teachers, the party that wants to monitor everything teachers say and do, the party that wants teachers and administrators to inform on each other, to cancel teachers who veer off-script and teach uncomfortable subjects, such as history and free thinking, is the party of Glenn Youngkin, the Republican Party of Virginia.  

In its all-out war on the mythical threat of “critical race theory'' or CRT, it has advocated for total control over the classroom. When asked what CRT is, where it is taught, and how learning an accurate and inclusive history of our country and our county can possibly injure students, all the GOP can do is recycle tired talking points from its outrage factories.

If the GOP gets to dictate what local teachers and schools can teach, what is its next target? Will all critical reasoning and thinking be outlawed in favor of a unified narrative we have to adhere to?   

Why does Glenn Youngkin want to impose his thought police on our school teachers? What type of authoritarian control will he impose next?  If you care about an education system free of control by politicians and extremists, vote Democrat in November. 

Mike Hammond 

New Baltimore 

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There is a party wanting thought police. They want people to be arrested for failing to use the proper party approved pronouns. There is a party demanding that the government crack down on anyone and everyone who diverges from proper approved thought. There is a political party demanding that parents have no say. There is a political party demanding men be allowed in women’s bathrooms. There is a party screaming when people dare challenge pedophilia being taught to children as a normal choice. Mike, it isn’t Republicans. It’s you. It’s your party. It’s the fascism of the left. It’s the absolute inability of the left to tolerate any thought not approved by the angry mobs. It’s the democrats who cannot stand anyone daring to question their absolute authority. Democrats are the consummate Orwellian nightmare. That’s you, Mike. Own it


Mike, you poor soul. Our neighbor Fairfax has just spent nearly 2 million dollars buying Panarama, the CRT, curriculum. Interestingly it is owned by AG Garlands son in know Garland the Democrat who wants to call parents protecting their kids and their schooling...TERRORISTS.

NO sir you are wrong no repeating the lies will ring true.

The Left, the Clinton Left, the Left of McAuliffe wants full control of your kids and their education.

Let me remind you you poor soul that is is McAuliffe that just the other day demanded that parents stay out of education

No sir, we will not back down and we will not swallow your lies.

Do NOT vote Democrat if you live parental control of schools not the far Left.

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