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I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Bechet’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the vascular system, at age 37. My son Jack, who is 9, was born with a disease called cystic fibrosis that affects most of his major organs most notably his lungs. Both diseases are rare, both diagnoses were unexpected, and both are pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing conditions have become a buzzword in politics, and it seems not enough Americans know what they are or even if they have them. A pre-existing condition can be nearly any diagnosis you receive when cared for by a doctor. Prior to 2014 when the Affordable Care Act went into effect, if you saw your doctor for a disease or condition and then lost your insurance, any plan you tried to buy in the future could legally deny you coverage.

I realize a lot of people are not a fan of the health care exchanges, and with good reason. But the exchanges are only a small part of the law. I am certain we can all agree that pre-existing condition protection is crucially important to all families with health care needs of any kind. My family certainly relies on it as our medications cost nearly a half a million dollars a year. 

I am extremely concerned that if confirmed, Amy Coney Barrett will rule to overturn the Affordable Care Act when the suit against it is heard. She is firmly on the record as critical of the 2012 Supreme Court ruling that kept the Affordable Care Act intact. The Trump Administration is responsible for the lawsuit against the ACA and they are now also appointing the deciding voter in its case. 

Why are they rushing to fill this vacancy in the middle of a pandemic and presidential election? Thousands of Americans have already started voting and their voices should be heard. I cast my vote on the first day of early voting in Virginia. It feels to me like the current Senate majority does not care about my vote or voice and has an agenda all their own. 

In my opinion this is a gross misuse of power, especially considering the election is merely weeks away. The people should choose their Supreme Court, not an administration hell bent on overturning a specific law.

Tasha Nelson


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Why are they rushing to fill this vacancy in the middle of a pandemic and presidential election? The Supreme Court has nothing to do with pandemic. Its the constitutional right to do it.


Lyndsay said "use my words against me". McConnel said an appointment shouldn't be made in an election year. Without the popular vote, Trump doesn't have a mandate from the people. Add to that, they are sitting on the next bailout package putting 1000s of jobs at risk and they know their majority is at serious risk due to Trump's disastrous handing of the pandemic.

That's why they are rushing to fill the vacancy.


that's not quite what he said, maybe you should go back into time and review what mconnell said and the nuances of that discussion. they are filling the vacancy because the constitution demands it. bringing up garland simply means you dont understand the situation.


LOL, and you continue to be a moron.


"Elections have consequences" e.g. Justice Amy Coney Barrett


the should do it, it's required to do it by the constitution and anyone who thinks the democrats wouldnt do it in the same situation is nuts.


it is not required by the constitution that they fill it now. It was not required by the constitution when Garland was nominated. So why now? Because they want us back in the 1950s and the women and minorities back in their place. They want to go back to pretending that the LGBT community are making sinful lifestyle choices and that the only religion is their religion.

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