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It is always sad to hear when someone has become victim to discrimination in their daily dealings throughout life, whether it be due to their race, ethnicity or socio-economic status. 

So, I am glad to see that there is a legislation passing that will disallow landlords to discriminate against possible tenants because of how they pay their rent. 

Finding adequate housing is a problem for many citizens in the U.S. and not being allowed to rent a place when you have good money for it, is just crazy. These people already have a limited amount of options of where they can live because of prices and I believe if they can afford it, they should be allowed to rent where they please. Because you never really know a person or what they have been through to get where they are, you should always be empathetic and be willing to lend a helping hand to your neighbor.

James Smith II


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although families should be able to live anywhere, in practice it's usually a detriment to the owner who is usually left with a trash property. not to mention, disruption of neighbors, police activity and more. had a property with overcrowding and kept getting cited by the county..never again


Yes, there is a shortage in housing, yes, people should be assisted, however, having lived in neighborhoods, with Section 8 renters, I can tell you, it sounds better of paper than in reality. Not always, but in many cases, the renters do not take care of the property and many have no respect for the established communities homes. Again not always, but too often these Section 8 homes only reduce the value of hard working families's homes. If they're going to make owners rent to Section 8 renters, than the owners should have some protections as well. Section 8 renters cannot simply destroy a home and escape without punishment. It must work both ways.


Got to disagree, i know someone that rented to sec8 and didnt collect 3 months of rent and spent thousands fixing the townhouse after the sec8 couple got evicted. It was supposed to be a couple , more like 6 people lived there.

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