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To make Democracy work, every vote matters. As Americans, we have an obligation to inform ourselves about issues and to participate in our government by voting. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is daunting, but, fortunately, there is still time to vote by absentee ballot and avoid exposure on Primary Election Day, June 23. The Prince William/Fauquier League of Women Voters remains non-partisan in these troubling times, joining Gov. Ralph Northam and election officials in encouraging as many people as possible to vote absentee. It's the safest way to cast a ballot during the pandemic, especially for older voters. 

Since polls show that more than 60% of Americans favor voting by mail, in an effort to fight the pandemic and maximize voter turnout, several states are considering mailing ballots to all eligible voters. Virginians, however, will have to be more proactive. 

Easiest by far is to request an absentee ballot online at www.vote.elections.virginia.gov and all you need is your driver's license number. The information goes directly to the registrar and your ballot arrives by mail. You also have the option of calling the Prince William office at 703-792-6470 or writing to request a ballot to 9250 Lee Ave, Suite 1, Manassas, Va. 20110. 

Through Saturday, June 20, the registrar’s office at the same address is open for in-person absentee voting as well. 

Applications must be IN THE HANDS of the registrar by Tuesday, June 16. As the governor directed, just check code 2A as the reason for absentee voting. No witness is necessary. 

Remember your vote is your voice. Let it ring out.

Barbara Amster

vice president, Prince William/Fauquier League of Women Voters 


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Anything but in person voting is a farce and very subject to fraud. All voting should be in person with proof that you are who you say you are. Why is this so difficult for some to understand?


And there it is, another conservative spouting voter suppression. Mail in balloting has been commonplace in this country for years and has worked with very few problems. Five states conduct all elections by mail (Colorado, Hawaii, Utah, Oregon and Washington) and many others use it as an effective alternative to in person voting. It works and should be encouraged, not suppressed.

But conservatives don't want people voting, because they know if voter turnout is strong then they will lose. That's why they want to make it harder for people to vote, not easier. Don't let them suppress your rights to vote people.

And on a side note, isn't it wonderful that just this week the GOP senators stripped out a measure from a bill that would have required presidential campaigns to report any attempts by foreign entities to interfere in our elections. It worked once for them in 2016, why not try it again in 2020, right? This is what conservatives are all about, cheating at any cost to win. Kinda reminds me of the Patriots.

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