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David James Weachter

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David James Weachter

David James Weachter was born on February 18, 1960 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His parents, Robert L. and Mary A. Weachter (Shenenberger), loved him very much. They raised him and his brother Steve to value hard work and devotion to family in their home in Manassas, Virginia, where Robert and Mary still live. Robert and Mary were very proud of their son.

 He is survived by his wife Rhonda, and their children Kevin and Shelley. Rhonda was David’s high school sweetheart, and they were married for 42 years. David and Rhonda shared many travels, sweet memories, and deep love for their son and daughter. David taught his children to put family first, to work hard, and to selflessly serve others. Kevin inherited his love of Washington sports, and a tirelessly diligent work ethic. David gave Shelley a drive to serve others, wherever she is and however she can. Kevin and Shelley emulated David by marrying excellent spouses in Brandi and Sean. He never met his granddaughter Eleanor, but his legacy will be with her for her entire life. David loved his children, all four of them, more than life itself.

 Not all of David’s family shared blood with him. Many valued weekends and holidays were spent at the home of Rhonda’s parents, Virgil and Shelley Thorne. He also loved and was loved by Gary, Brenda, and Wayne.

 David was an incredibly hard worker. After receiving his diploma from Stonewall Jackson High School, he worked as an excellent salesman and manager at Kinney Shoes, Champs Sports, Galyan’s, and Lowe’s. For over seventeen years, until the day he died, he served the U.S. Senate Postal Service, inspecting letters and packages to keep the heart of our republic safe.

David always loved to gain new knowledge and new ideas. He was an avid reader. Even though he lived almost his entire life in Manassas, travel was a passion for David. He made numerous drives across the continent, surf fished the islands of North Carolina, and accrued countless miles on the back roads of our land.

David was a quiet man to many, but loved to talk with friends and family for hours. David was humble before his Lord, and served his Creator by serving his fellow man. David spent hundreds of hours volunteering with the Northern Virginia Family Service (SERVE). His service continues beyond the grave, as his remains are being used by Anatomy Gift Registry to research and combat the pleural effusion and dendriform ossification which he fought in his last years.

David left this world on Monday, November 8, 2021. His family invite all to join them in a memorial service at the Manassas Church of the Brethren on Friday, November 19 at 2:00 p.m., with light refreshments to follow. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Northern Virginia Family Service (SERVE) and the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.

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