U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman

U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman, R-1st District.

U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman joined more than 100 other House Republicans early Thursday morning in a failed motion to stop the certification of Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes won by President-elect Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. 

The objection failed to pass the House 138-282. Wittman, R-1st, was joined by Virginia Republican Reps. Bob Good (5th), Morgan Griffith (9th) and Ben Cline (6th) in the effort to reject Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. 

Congress went on to confirm Biden’s electoral college win in the early hours of the morning. 

Wittman said in a Thursday press release that he voted against certifying Pennsylvania’s electors because he believes there were “unconstitutional changes to the administration of the 2020 general election” in Pennsylvania. 

Wittman said he believes that there is clear evidence “that Pennsylvania failed to follow the laws and constitutional tenets that govern its elections,” but did not respond to inquiries Thursday morning about what evidence he is referring to. 

Some Republican members of the House and Senate also challenged Biden’s electoral college victory in Arizona. Wittman did not object to Biden’s win in Arizona. The effort was voted down by large margins in both chambers. 

The confirmation of Biden’s electoral college win came nearly 12 hours after a pro-Trump mob stormed and held the U.S. Capitol building for several hours earlier in the day, forcing members of the House and Senate to evacuate the chambers and delaying the session. 

Pro-Trump supporters smashed windows and trashed the offices of some congressional members. A woman attempting to climb through one of the broken windows inside the Capitol building was shot and killed by Capitol police. 

Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police reported that more than 50 arrests were made Wednesday, and four deaths were reported, including the woman shot by police. The other three deaths were reportedly caused by “medical emergencies” experienced by pro-Trump supporters during the incident. 

Wittman said in a Thursday morning press release that he condemned the “violence and destruction” that occurred at the U.S. Capitol and called the takeover of the Capitol, a “blemish on this nation.”

“We may disagree on policy and who we support for President, but this country is built on law and order,” Wittman said. “We must continue to stand for the great American tradition of peaceful disagreement and debate rather than anarchy and violence.”

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(7) comments


Wittman should be indicted and tried and convicted of sedition for his attempted coup d'etat in the overthrow of the United States government. When the Civil War began the traitorous southern House of Representatives members and Senators all resigned with one exception who was later expelled. Do the right thing seditionist Wittman and resign and do the walk of shame back to Montross. He was a major instigator, along with the majority of the traitorous Trump Party, since the Republican Party no longer exists, in yesterday's riot in the capitol and he must be held accountable. I suggest a new district for Wittman: Allenwood Federal Detention Center, Allenwood, Pennsylvania.


Nah the country club at Allenwood would be be too easy

I’m thinking ADX Florence would be a more fitting landing place for traitorous buffoons like Wittman, Hawley, Cruz, Brooks, but especially ol’ Dons John Trump.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

This always to tyrants !


I think that Mitt Romney had one of the best responses to this nonsense, he simply said to tell your constituents the truth, don't continue with these baseless accusations of wide spread fraud, there is no evidence of it, one person started the lies months ago.

The only Antifa that were present yesterday were in the fantastical minds of extreme right wing "media" and Trump's supporters. Even the traitors that were in DC yesterday storming the Capital know that there was no Antifa.

Jim McCarthy

Four are dead as a result of seditious conduct by P45 and his Congressional accomplices. PA is responsible for its election procedures and Wittman’s intervention was not necessary.


Thank you for having a backbone, Rep Wittman. The cowards in the legislature that backed down from opposing the certification- when it was Antifa that was in the Capitol and NOT Trump attendees that caused the violence.

80+million of us want this evidence to be brought forward and be heard. An evidenciary hearing, 10 day audit as suggested by Senator Cruz, or any other transparent and open forum. Why can't we see the paper ballots? What are the election offices in question hiding OUR ballots??


1. There were no antifa in DC that was all down to the Trump cult.

2. There was no election fraud except the multiple calls from trump to the states to try and overturn the will of the people

3. Wittman should be ashamed of himself following along with these ridiculous conspiracy theories. He should resign.

4. 80 million? You're delusional and there is no evidence. 60+ court hearings kind of put that to rest.

Jim McCarthy

Make that 80 million less at least one. Sorry to learn your out of state ballots were hidden. Was your VA ballot hidden? Did Trump also win in VA? Be clear that mere complaints are not evidence. 81 million of us voted to retire P45. So, according to your data we are 1 million better.

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