Prince William County police Manassas protest George Floyd.jpg

Prince William police officers respond to a May 2020 protest in Manassas after the murder of George Floyd. 

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HOA RT Admin

There is no gate that keeps people out at Heritage Hunt. The security booth screens those who enter for just that purpose, security. Given the vicious, personal attacks Jackie Chidders continuously launches at everyone to intimidate them into silence it’s easy to see why anyone would want more security. The residents there are average citizens who volunteer in their community, served their country or had long professional or public service careers. They care about the integrity of elected officials. Jackie cannot address the issues of any piece, and is left to engage in negative campaigning against average citizens. Oh… and before Jackie decides to launch another false accusation, NO, I am not a felon. But exactly who is Jackie? …. this is at least their 5th “identity”. Integrity?


Obviously, I meant plaintiffs.


How do you continue to essentially proclaim this a nuisance case when the Virginia Supreme Court sided with the defendants? Shouldn't that at least give you pause? Making a mistake in a crisis situation is forgivable. Entrenched hubris is not.


Not surprising. This fits a well-worn pattern of behavior by the current Board majority to avoid transparency and treat their public office like a private club. These are the same folks who liberally use non-disclosure agreements to negotiate sweetheart corporate give-aways, safely shrouded from public scrutiny. They collude privately, limit open policy debate, dismiss expert opinion and ignore public input.

Chair Ann Wheeler said that the county is paying for all of the supervisors’ attorney fees and commented: “it is unfortunate that a case such as this has already cost the taxpayers of Prince William County over $150,000 with more certainly to come”.

No kidding it’s unfortunate, but why is “more certainly to come”? If the adjudged wrongdoers would simply admit their error and fold their tent, the taxpayers of Prince William County could be spared the burden of shoveling more good money after bad. Why are the taxpayers responsible for picking up the tab for certain Board members’ bad judgment and improper conduct? As one of the plaintiffs suggested, “board members should reimburse the county for breaking the open meetings law”.

These autocrats are unfit for public office and need to be replaced. Get a head start in the June 20th Democratic primary.

Jackie Chidders

Does the guy that live in a literal gated club with a HUGE fence and security guards to keep common folks really want to talk about private clubs? Does the guy that was involved with a frivolous lawsuit against the county for the CPA that got laughed at by the judge and thrown out of court want to talk about costing the county money in attorney fees? Are you and HH going to reimburse the county for their attorney fees for your frivolous lawsuit?

The Board listened to the broad public support for their initiatives and your individual screaming and crying voice wont drown out the broader public!!

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