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Board Chair Ann Wheeler, center, Supervisor Margaret Franklin, D-Woodbridge, left, and Supervisor Andrea Bailey, D-Potomac, right, during a recent county board meeting.

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More than 300 people attended a 14-hour meeting of the Prince William Board of Supervisors Nov. 1-2, which ended with approval of the Digital Gateway amendment. 

Supporter Digital Gateway Melanie Williams

“No one wants to build a $1 million home beneath the power lines,” said Gateway supporter Melanie Williams, referring to existing power lines along Pageland Lane that residents say spoil the rural area.

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Supervisor Victor Angry, D- Neabsco, made the motion to approve the Prince William Digital Gateway.

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HOA RT Admin

Ann Wheeler said what? …“We are a county that needs to move forward and we need to do it together.” ?? She has done nothing to bring the County together and THIS is her crowning achievement of divisiveness. The Gainesville District had no representation on this project from the beginning and the Chair made no attempt to recognize that in this process. There was NO discussion as the vote approached as to who would have the courtesy of offering the first motion from the dias, after the public hearing concluded. Instead the Chair deceptively informed Supervisor Lawson she would have an opportunity to ask questions before the vote but instead flipped the script and betrayed that protocol by handing the honor of the first motion to the Gainesville District’s most ardent enemy, and good friend of the data center industry, Victor Angry. It was a well-planned, staged action meant to punish those who have loved and long supported the incomparable value of the National Park, State Forest, and rural residential neighborhoods, in the area of beautiful communities in which they live. What all of these betrayed citizens have never sought and absolutely are vehemently opposed to is being forced to live in area surrounded by industrial data centers. And they will not forget it. As more and more of these enormous concrete facilities pop up in areas NEVER envisioned, that feeling of resentment and betrayal will deepen. Inevitably these citizens will seek elected officials who respect their views and do not treat them like children who must be “told” what’s good for them. If this decision was “bold”, it was boldly stupid.


What a sad day for the residents of PWC. With charges of racism being hurled, a weak statement reminiscent of Nancy Reagan’s, “Just Say No” campaign and alleged guardrails that are as solid as liquefaction, this was an embarrassment of a meeting. The dysfunction of this board is a reflection of failed leadership and lack of trust among the members.

This Board may continue to ignore the citizens voices but on November 7, 2023 they will hear from all of us.


No power, no water, no sewer, next to residential homes, in a rural area that as planning purposed goes is completely incompatible, next to a National and State Park.....

What a joke. These guys in planning will never get another job. This is the digital gateway to h3ll , the poster child for unsustainable planning practices.

Do people understand the 800 acres as "parks and open space" will never work? WHO is purchasing that land?? Taxpayers? There is no way this is an enforceable open space plan.

Mark my word, the only "open space" will be the required RPA buffers.


I agree that this is not over. I agree that this is shameless. Even though Ann Wheeler claims all the environmental groups opposing PWDC are not well informed, it is she and the supervisors who voted for this who are making a huge mistake for PWC. I will not say that they were not well informed, because we have been providing strong, reasonable arguments for almost a year. Yet, the arguments and expert opinions were ignored. We did not bring the money to sway the votes! Sad state of affairs that our supervisors are not doing the best thing for PWC and its residents


If you watch the last hour or so, there is a lot of pent up anger. They were given blocks of uninterrupted time and you could see, some of them, were not interested in revenue, only making the west look like the east. They can be well informed, how they process that information is where the problem is. Their frame of reference is very different.


There is still the rezoning application that has to be approved, or rejected. Rezonings are hard to reverse, Comp Plan amendments can be overridden by another Comp Plan amendment. This is not over

Tim C. PWC Born and Bread.

So much for a Representative form of Government. On a board of 8, Pete Candland

sits at home and count the profits on this deal. Five others that don’t live on the Western end of the County and all most

All of them has no regard for the will up the people. How many will have Amazon Jobs when this goes through?

Thanks Supervisor’s Lawson and Vega for doing the right thing.



Lawson and Vega would have voted this way no matter what, it's not as though they needed to be "swayed." Can't say that for the others, however.

That (D) next to their name at least on this board is Demagogue, most notably with Queen Ann at the helm. I'd say her rhetoric towards the end of the meeting was "priceless," but even that would be a fabrication.

Until next time...


I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone. I respect the citizens for fighting for their cause but it has always been a waste of time to speak to our elected officials. They will always have their own agenda and citizens time is just protocol. Andrea Bailey is by far the worst of the bunch, she’s has no qualifications for the job and it’s clear she represents only a certain group of people. It’s time to rally a better group of candidates to represent PWC for the next election.

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