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UPDATED: A City of Manassas police officer is on administrative paid leave after being arrested and charged with felony possession of child pornography, according to a spokesperson for the Manassas City Police Department. 

The officer, who has been relieved of his duties, was identified as Wayne Bombara, Manassas Police Chief Doug Keen said in a news release.

Bombara is a 20-year veteran of the Manassas City Police Department whose job title was 1st line command level evening shift supervisor, said Manassas police spokesperson Amilcar Barahona. 

"Bombara is currently on administrative paid leave and will remain on that status during the course of the investigation being conducted by the Virginia State Police and during the administrative internal investigation being conducted in an expedited manner by the Manassas City Police Department," Barahona said. 

Bombara was arrested in connection with an investigation conducted by the Virginia State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which is ongoing, Keen said.

Bombara is scheduled to appear in court for an arraignment hearing on Aug. 6, according to court records.

The news release did not include information about Bombara’s history with the City of Manassas Police Department, how long he was employed there or whether he had been subject to any previous internal investigations.

The City of Manassas Police Department also did not disclose anything about the victims in the photos.

Keen called the officer's arrest "a breach of trust" and "acutely tragic."

“Any crime committed by a law enforcement officer is a breach of trust. But the serious nature of these allegations and the prevalence of exploited young victims is what makes this situation acutely tragic,” Keen said in the release. 

“Allegations like this turn my stomach with disgust. At a time when we are working hard to build trust in our communities, the horrible actions of one officer can overshadow the great work that the majority of police officers do every day.”

Keen said the Manassas City Police Department “does not tolerate criminal, ethical or integrity related matters as they have an impact on the level of trust by the citizens served.”

“Accountability will always be an essential part of the commitment we make to our community.  We will hold ourselves accountable, including arresting our own staff, if that is what is necessary,” he added.  “It is the right and only thing to do.”

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(8) comments

Janis jones


World we live in I guess all you sick f"cks out there just go be a cop do what you want and get paid for it. Just get rid of them all together might as well be anarchy with cops we have today

Janis jones

his address: 9411 Elm Ct Apt 637 Manassas, VA 20111

Janis jones

His address:

9411 Elm Ct Apt 637

Manassas, VA 20111


Just like when the teachers and school administrators do the same thing.


This officer certainly doesn’t deserve our tax money. People on disability from work don’t even get a full pay. This is downright disgusting and an embarrassment to our city.

Cindy F

This is beyond disgusting and infuriating that he’s still being paid! What human takes advantage of little children like this, this says a lot of about the morale of the police department. It’s absolutely nauseating and shocking that these are the people in a position of authority and even after finding disgusting stuff like this he’s still getting paid!!!


This is disgusting. This person does NOT deserve paid leave. He deserves jail time and to lose his job. Pervert. Disgusting filthy, pervert. Waste of life. (Don't be mean, be nice.) There is NOTHING nice about this. Prince William County is an embarrassment.

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