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UPDATED: Prince William sees ‘surge’ of COVID-19 cases over the past week

County reports 11 more fatalities; death toll rises to 604

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The number of new daily COVID-19 cases reported locally was high enough to move the Prince William Health District into the “surge” category as of late last week, while cases are growing more slowly or peaking in the rest of Northern Virginia.

Meanwhile, the local health district, which includes Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park, reported 11 new COVID-19 deaths over the past week, with victims ranging from their 30s to age 80 or older.

Among the latest fatalities, two were among residents in their 30s, four were in their 50s, three were in their 70s and two were age 80 or older. The latest victims included eight women and three men, according to Virginia Department of Health data.

The local pandemic death toll now stands at 604, with Prince William County having lost 541 residents, while Manassas has lost 51 and Manassas Park, 12.

Statewide, Virginia reported the loss of its fifth young child to COVID-19 on Wednesday, Sept. 29.  

On Thursday, the VDH reported the eighth death of a child or teen between the age of 10 and 19.  

Both children were residents of the Eastern Health region of the state, according to VDH, which would provide no other information about the young victims.

According to recent news reports, one of the children who recently died was a 10-year-old from Suffolk.

Local cases 

Prince William County remains in the red zone – or high range – for community transmission of the coronavirus with 181 cases per 100,000 residents in the last seven days, up from 176 cases per 100,000 residents over the previous seven days.  

Anything over 100 cases per 100,000 residents over seven days is rated “high” by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In areas of high community spread, the CDC recommends that all people – regardless of vaccination status -- wear face masks in all indoor, public spaces as well as in crowded outdoor spaces.

The average number of new COVID-19 cases reported daily in the Prince William Health District actually dropped over the past week, dipping to an average of 118 cases a day as of Wednesday, Sept. 29, down about 5% from the previous week, according to VDH data. 

Statewide, new daily cases, hospitalizations dip but deaths rise 

Statewide, Virginia reported 195.5 cases per 100,000 residents over the past week, down from the 223.4 cases per 100,000 residents reported the previous week. It was the second-straight week that the state showed an overall decline in the rate of new cases.

The state is averaging 2,919 new cases a day, down about 17% from the average of 3,534 new daily cases reported one week ago.  

Hospitalizations are also on the decline. There were 2,033 people hospitalized with COVID-19 on Wednesday, Sept. 29, down from 2,211 last week. 

As of Sept. 29, the state was reporting an average of 90 new hospitalizations a day, down from 112 last week.

Local hospitalizations drop

Locally, hospitalizations declined over the last week. The local health district reported 22 new hospitalizations, down from 36 the week before.

There were no new hospitalizations reported this week among kids ages 0 to 9, but there were four among kids and teens ages 10 to 19. 

Residents in their 50s reported the most hospitalizations with five, while residents in their 30s reported two. There were three hospitalizations among residents in their 60s and two among residents in their 70s, according to VDH data.

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(61) comments


Ok, thanks for the information and have a good day! mobdro


A gew quick but important thoughts:

1. Less then 10% of the china flu deaths are FROM the virus the rest ARE WITH the virus

2. When Xiden lifted the restrictions the rolling 7 day average deaths was just under 600 deaths.

The Xiden admin know wants the restrictions back and the rolling 7 day death average is 290....290 for 7 days.


NOTE weak kneed northam turned chicken politician when he announced no states wide mandate and simply kicked the can the the local pols. Meaning the Socialists Dems like Mcaulliff won't be painted as a masker during the election

Stay strong stay healthy fear the needle!


Media will now go back to the Wuhan flu to distract the public from the Biden Chinese scandals. Don't belive the Chinese propaganda. The vaccine is out.


Remember H1N1? Guess how many American "cases" there were in the U.S.? SIXTY MILLION. That's 60,000,000. During that time, Obama & Biden were in the White House. They did next-to-nothing about it. You should think about that.


Yes there were 60,000,000 H1N1 cases in 2009, but only 12,469 deaths

The Corona Virus has already caused almost 300,000 deaths and is officillay the current leading cause of death in the USA according to both the CDC & the White House Corona Virus task force.

Laura 284,000 deaths in the first 12 months vs. 2,000,000 deaths in the first 12 months in the U.S.A.


I can't believe the Fake News didn't say that RBG died of COVID. They let a crisis go to waste.


Maybe because it's not fake news? Perhaps you should take a more critical look at your own sources of information.


6% of 186k is.


Once this China Virus cant be used as a Socialist Demo political football the China Virus will simply go away.

IMPORTANT NEWS NOT FOUND HERE: CDC declares that ONLY 6% of the deaths are FROM the China Virus...the balance are deaths from thing like cancer and stroke but the patient MAY have also had the China Virus...6%...the CDC has been LYING to us for months...ya lets all hail, Fauci. Bet he resigns soon and goes to work for Gates. Remember that we have several Socialist Demos that moved sick people in with Senior Citizens and KILLED them. Can't wait for the class action suit against them.

Once again this is simply a terrible article, poorly written and even more poorly researched.

Stop printing lies as it makes you look like China is sending you cash to print such lies


Same old socialists propaganda with this newspaper. Garbage.


Is time to move on from this covid aka flu. Let's get back to normal and live with it. Enough of the scare tactics. We didn't shut the economy for bird flu, swine flu , or ebola or even the flu pandemic. Does anyone remember this happening?? No. So let's cut the bull sh×t and get back to normal.


Show the number of deaths and speed of transmission for each of those events. If you cannot, live your life and stfu.


A few passing thoughts:

1. it is such bad journalism keeping this article as long as it is...NO ONE is reading it earn an F

2.notice all the young rioters, looters and protestors getting sick...they earn an "S" for stupidity

3. notice that the recovery rate is now over 99%...yes lets please put the thumbscrews to the entire state with a 99% recovery rate

4. notice if you will that the China Virus now cures cancer and stroke to name a few as doctors move to ID the China Virus as the bad guy so they can get more kickback money,

5. let's are sure to close schools since the Union says so

6. the taxpayer will make out well since all that money not spent by the schools will be extra cash now. I mean they aren't going to simply spend it willy nilly right...LOL

7. let's be sure to punish the whole state for what NOVA Richmond and Hampton do

8. VA is soooo poorly run and so under the thumb of the Unions and has become a grotesque joke


Preach it Catharpin411. This state is too far gone on corruption now. It's inbred in Progressives.


Yes. Kathleen Corn-Filler is a total socialist from New York.


Notice the recent rise in cases in younger people due to the protest/riot spike.


As well as no appreciable rise in deaths or hospitalizations. Despite the spike in cases caused by the protests/riots. Pretty much a spike nationwide in all the areas where their were large protests/riots.


Once the covid scam starts to go away, the race and riots will continue, when that slows down, back to the covid nonsense.


Instead of a mile long article, one table with basic info would provide the necessary information. Total number of infections, % hospitalization, % death. Overall and daily. And by age groups.Such table would fit in the computer screen.


Sad part is it truly peaked in April. Gov. Blackface dragged it out for political gain just like the mask edict, months after he should have done it. Now we have hot, warm and humid temperatures and sunlight the worst things for a virus and yet we have to wear masks in certain businesses. Good thing it's only enforceable by the health dept.


number of cases is irrelevant as there is more testing. How about telling us about the hospitalization rate instead.


These number are pretty much useless. Especially for 60 years would and below. Would be good to know their health status and other relevant info.


I am disappointed to see PrinceWilliamTimes stopped reporting COVID-19 statistics (cases/deaths) for the "Northern Virginia" area. This was quite useful. They kept reporting these as long as the numbers were going up. Once they started trending downward, they stopped. I was counting on them to finish telling the whole story.


Still pretty much a nursing home disease unless you have comorbidities like diabetes and obesity while younger. I see with the protests that social distancing never really mattered. Today's progressive democrat, do as I say not as I do. See Gov. Northam about that one.


New here. I took a test last Tuesday/Wednesday in Manassas. They still haven’t called me. Called the people doing the test they state they don’t handle the results and someone will call this week.


If you feel OK, why would you take the test? 5 minutes later (figuratively speaking) you can get infected and the entire test was a waste of time.


Our inept governor and his staff should travel, to Florida to learn how to handle the virus.


This comment aged horribly Florida is an epicenter of the virus while Virginia is doing much better.


Let businesses set their rules for dealing with the public in a safe manner till this blows over. Keep the beurocrats and politicians quarantine in Richmond, leave the rest of us alone.


Its obvious it peaked in April by any metric. Obvious and deliberate overreaction by the Governor.


Peaked yes but due to the lack of appropriate measures by people out and about, it's declining at an alarming slow rate.


Double peaked and has fallen off the map literally.


Looks like the governor is incapable of managing the virus crisis. Things are going from bad to worse by the day.


You want to see how fast they open. ? Stop paying all of the state employees and politicians from governor down. Then you see how fast the politicians change.


What is going to change by June 10th that will allow businesses to re-open. I can only imagine he will try to push the date back again.


As more people are tested, more people will test positive for COVID-19. Flu viruses can hang-around for years. So, businesses could be closed for years.


Its insane to do that you know that right?


Yes. I know it's insane. Here we are, it's the end of August & the Democrats are still pushing their end-of-the-world narrative. It's crazy & CORRUPT.


Because people are impatient and not taking it as seriously as they should. The stay at home order needs to be strictly enforced and more businesses need to shut down. I'm sorry, but McDonalds and Starbucks aren't essential. I see kids continuing to play on playgrounds and teenagers socializing because they are too dumb to realize the ramifications of their actions, nor do they care because they seem no threat to themselves. I received an email from a painting contractor the other day saying they are open and operating as an essential business. Really!? Stay home people or this will never get better!


We need to shut down 75% of the government, it is also not essential. Then we shall see how fast everything reopens. For the people who work at McDonalds, McDonalds is essential.


Brad take your gibberish elsewhere fascist. More people are dying of murder, suicide and other health conditions because of quarantines and lock downs then this bad year flu. If you had practiced better eating and sanitary habits we probably wouldn't even have to discuss this you confused gender fool. Go see a psychiatrist.


Its simple, go back to work. If your sick dont go out stay home till is passed. Stay away from elder people and wash your hands dont touch your face.


InsideCommenter + Brad = Morons. Were you idiots calling him out for acting too soon before you started saying he acted too late like the rest of the Libtard party?


weouchere + zcxnissan = batshit crazy morons. I was never calling him out for acting too soon, he acted to late if we had started these measures two weeks earlier we would've been able to avoid 90% of the cases. The gas-lighting and lies you all do are just hilarious.


Actually it has been noted by many medical studies that blacks are more susceptible because they have many underlying conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, unhealthy lifestyles. Social distancing is not being practiced in the cities. That's obvious. See New York City. Also wondering why nursing home death statistics are not being reported properly. They are ginning up the totals trying to use any disaster for political advantage. InsideCommenter and Brad your TDS is obvious.


The numbers in Chesterfield pale in comparison to Democrat cities and counties nationwide.


Ignorant statement of the article award has now been granted. A virus will spread where more people live, places that are more densely populated are naturally where the virus will spread faster. Despite this Democratic areas have been doing better than Red states who are whining like crybabies about not being able to get a haircut or dine in, a rise in cases in the state of Kentucky was attributed to fascist protests about the stay at home orders.


Gaslighting was a mastery first aced by Tamanny Hall democrats and passed on from generation to generation. From there to democrat Klansmen and segregationists. Even up to the modern day. Nowadays they have turned more fascistic/communist with their green new deals and universal incomes. Not to mention the bs being slung about global warming/climate change, or whatever they will call it next week.


Look, people are dying because of this terrible disease. Why don't you take your lies and obsessions to some neo-conservative chat room, no one wants to read your gibberish here.


What is this hot pile of garbage you call an argument. All you do is name call talk about facts and logic not whatever you saw on Facebook.


All he said was people are dying. That is accurate. Nationally we've had more deaths in a month than from a year with flu and that's with all the social distancing. If you're not capable of taking in seriously or don't want to be stuck at home, please at least where a mask and avoid contact with others.



I agree with the one who talked about the mortality of this grave disease. The one who I was rebutting was zcxnissan who constantly trolls and makes up lies.


If these non-essential democrats would stay home it would stop spreading.


Maybe if the orange cheeto and his cultists would stay at their home instead of prancing around we could flatten the curve.


Or maybe if the orange cheeto and his cultists had done their job timely and correctly in the first place these unfortunates might not have been infected or died.


I guess going to Chinatown doesn't count if your Nancy Pelosi. So many lies, it comes natural to the old bat. She's probably a super spreader. She probably used hydroxychloroquine as an antidote.


Why would she use an unproven, dangerous drug pushed by trump. Was he being sarcastic about that one as well or only about disinfectant and really bright lights?


Funny how most of the deaths are in Democrat cities and states. I guess they don't follow rules or laws.


Chesterfield is heavily Republican and has many cases. Anyhow cases tend to be in areas that have a larger population. Has nothing to do with political affiliation or rule following.


like the two below you

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