Board of Supervisors Chair Ann B. Wheeler

Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chair Ann B. Wheeler

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She is worry about tax payers?? Lol what a joke. Why doesn't she worry about the amount of crime and illegals all over Woodbridge.


Disgusting rhetoric, from you crime overall is down and no human being is illegal full stop. Those who are undocumented and commit crimes should be prosecuted and deported to the fullest extent of the law, those who are here peacefully and have assimilated shouldn't be torn from their families.


I always find it interesting when people use the argument that those who are here illegally "shouldn't be torn from their families." Consider for a moment what might happen to you if you snuck into Mexico with falsified papers and were discovered. No one would argue that because you have a family, you should be allowed to live in peace despite having broken immigration law and carrying forged documents. They'd toss you in prison, and most likely, throw away the key. This is what almost all countries do. The US is the exception to the rule in the misguided notion that anyone can come here illegally, and as long as they don't commit additional serious crimes, we'll allow them to take a job that would otherwise go to an American. We'll educate their children at taxpayer expense. We'll slow down the pace of education to accommodate children wiho speak no English. We'll provide meals - again at taxpayer expense. We'll provide healthcare, police protection, and all other services available to citizens, yes, again at taxpayer expense.

We are a compassionate country, which is why we admit millions and millions of immigrants and asylum-seekers. But we've reached the point where some are gaming the system. Immigrants who are seeking better economic situations have been coached to make false claims of abuse to qualify for asylum. They bring young children as their free ticket into the US. Ways to evade the law are well known in Central America.

It isn't asking too much to ask them to come legally rather than sneaking across our border. It isn't asking to much to stop women from coming shortly before giving birth so that their child will be an American citizen. Then, of course, they're a family so "she shouldn't be torn from her family."

All are welcome. All we ask is that you do it legally, without forged documents, and respect our laws. That's asking very little

Tom Fitzpatrick

Wheeler's right. Taxpayers should not pay.

Wheeler and her co-conspirators should pay. And pay. And pay. And pay.

Because I'm already tired of paying for their highly illegal and equally foolish actions.

I hope that an appeal is filed, and that the battle is joined by those with superior legal and financial resources.


Wheeler did nothing, it is the foolish county residents who submitted the frivolous lawsuit that should be made to pay the 95k back, there are consequences for their actions.


That would have the effect of preventing any citizen from ever taking legal action if their government does something unconstitutional. The judge may have tossed it out, but the suit was not frivolous.

In addition, these citizens have paid their own attorney - they spent good money on what they felt was a strong case. Asking them to pay the opponents' attorney fees is only to enact revenge.

And speaking of attorney fees, why does it cost $95k for a case that never went to court? I would question the validity of such an excessive charge.

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