Virginia Sen. Scott Surovell

State Sen. Scott Surovell, D-36th

State Sen. Scott Surovell has announced a public hearing and a series of town hall meetings, some with his fellow state legislators, to be held before and during the 2020 legislative session, which kicks off in Richmond on Wednesday, Jan. 8.

The public hearing for Prince William County residents will be held Saturday, Jan. 4, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the James J. McCoart administration building, 1 County Complex Court, in Woodbridge. Speakers are asked to sign up online here.

Surovell, D-36th, and other local state legislators will discuss the bills they’ve introduced for the session and take questions from the audience. 

Some topics expected to be discussed include transportation, education funding; the state budget, taxes, redistricting, Medicaid expansion, LGBTQ rights, gun safety bills, civil and criminal justice reform, consumer issues and predatory lending, abortion rights, sustainable energy and environmental issues, according to an event press release.

Before session begins, Surovell will join the delegations from Fairfax and Prince William counties to host public hearings to allow constituents to voice their legislative priorities before a group of legislators. 

Surovell also announced a series of smaller events designed to allow constituents to hear how things are progressing at the state Capitol and ask questions. The schedule for those events is as follows:

  • Saturday, Jan. 11: 9:30 a.m., Occoquan Town Hall, 314 Mill St., Occoquan. Del. Hala Ayala, D-51st, and state Sen. George Barker, D-39th, are expected to attend.
  • Saturday, Jan. 18: noon, Ferlazzo building, 15941 Donald Curtis Drive, Woodbridge. Dels. Luke Torian, D-52nd, and Jennifer Carroll Foy, D-2nd, and state Sen. Jeremy McPike, D-29th, are expected to attend.
  • Sunday, Jan. 19: 1 p.m. at Forest Park High School, 15721 Forest Park Drive in Woodbridge. Del. Elizabeth Guzman, D-31st, and state Sen. Jeremy McPike, D-29th, are expected to attend. 
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(16) comments


Education spending, thats all these politicians talk about. Transportation? Whats the gas tax for? Perhaps they need less government and less administration waste.


Go line by line and let me know where we should cut?


So i guess your ok with the price of tolls, state tax, car tax? I never hear anything from him about lowering taxes. Thats what we need lower taxes not more spending.


Sure am.

Kevin Raymond

Senator Surovell has done a great job in addressing state and local problems. As ormandu et al should know, the initiatives such as transportation, education and public safety are paid for with money!!! If you all can count, perhaps you should add up how much each of these "stupid" items cost. Alternatively, how else are each of these important matters be addressed?? coupons?


Lets see if he talks about lowering taxes and getting rid of this car tax and lower those tolls.


I can tell you now he won’t talk about that since we need to ensure our schools are properly funded.


He is a weasel who does not listen to any voice but his own. The only way to get him to hear is to vote him out of office.


I notice none of hes meetings are actually made for people that work. 9 am, 1pm? You kidding me. i cant make those times, maybe someone can ask him when are you getting rid of the car tax and those stupid vehicle inspections. Work on lowering the taxes for all in va not this , climate change and social justice stuff


You do understand that people work at night, as well as these meetings are on the weekend, so the 9 to 5ers that you’re talking about are Monday-Friday, so your point doesn’t hold much weight.


The past has shown me that Surovell doesn't want opinions unless they agree with his own. If 99% of his constituents said they believed "X", Surovell would continue to vote for "Y.". Over time, our delegates have come to represent us less and less, and now represent themselves.


Don't ever let any of these demonic democrats take your Constitutional rights away.


Demonic Democrats, you mean demonic zcxnissan, you're repertoire here involves name calling and acting like a petulant child, devoid of reason.


You aren't my Senator and you know full well the gun control issues that will end up dividing the Commonwealth BUT good for you for doing this and wading into the divisive issues


And further dividing us.


If he isn't your senator, then there is no point in commenting, his constituents are mostly east of I-95, and are overwhelmingly more liberal than people out here in Western PwC, and Western Loudoun. Talk to John Bell or Richard Stuart, whoever is your legislator.

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