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In May, the County published the results of a poll it conducted to obtain resident sentiment as it prepared to update the comprehensive plan. Question 1 was about land use priorities. The top three priorities for residents were 1) preserve rural areas, 2) preserve trees / forests, and 3) parks, open space, recreation. 71% of respondents selected “preserving rural areas of the county” as one of their top three priorities. 41% of all respondents selected “tree / forest preservation” as one of their top three land use priorities.

So what is the most notable aspect about the draft comprehensive plan update? The elimination of the Rural Crescent. So my questions are:

• Did our County planners get the wrong poll results?

• If they didn’t, why would the County conduct a poll that it fully intended to ignore?

• Even if County planners think their residents are too ignorant to know what they want, did they really need to do the exact opposite?

• Was there a separate poll conducted for developers, and can we see those results?

• Whose fingerprints are on this undemocratic document? They should take a bow in daylight.

• Who’s really running this County and for who’s benefit?

• Whoever that is, when do we get a chance to get rid of them?

Redistrict 2021

Best way to sabotage plans to extend Metrorail to Prince William - plan to scatter new growth everywhere. County needs 10-15,000 more housing units by 2040 according to population projections. Planning for that growth at sites of proposed rail stations in eastern part of county is essential to compete for $20-30 billion in Federal/state grants needed for Metrorail. The supervisors can plan for Metrorail or sprawl by 2040 - but not for both.

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