The Democratic Party of Virginia is calling on Prince William Republicans to “demand” that John Gray, the Republican candidate for chairman of the board of supervisors, drop out of the race after several racist, homophobic and misogynistic tweets on Gray’s Twitter account were reported by the Washington Post Monday. 

Gray’s tweets, detailed by the Post's Antonio Olivo, included racial stereotypes as well as demeaning and misogynistic language. The tweets were exposed by Gray’s Democratic opponent Ann Wheeler after Gray disclosed $30 in payments on his last campaign finance report to a service called Tweetdeleter that scrubbed his twitter account. 

Wheeler called the tweets “completely unacceptable” and has demanded Gray apologize to Prince William County’s voters. 

Wheeler posted a picture on her twitter account Tuesday of a now-deleted tweet published by Gray in 2017. The tweet reads, “Bible verse of the day: give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Deport him and you don’t have to feed him again POTUS 20:16.”

Nearly one in four Prince William County residents – about 23.4% - are foreign born. 

Another tweet, dated May 28, 2018, referenced Hilary Clinton in a sexually demeaning way. The tweet said, “Can you imagine being so desperate as to even WANTING to have sex with HRC, more or less even doing the deed with her? OMG. Shrivels me up!”

John Gray tweet re: Hillary Clinton

Wheeler tweeted on Tuesday that Gray deleted the comment because he, “doesn't want Prince William voters to know how he speaks about women and their kids. Thousands of women work for our county government and deserve better than a Chairman who talks like this.”

According to the Post, Gray also tweeted that African Americans would stop “rioting” and take a knee if someone played the national anthem.

John Gray tweet re: NFL, kneeling, rioting

In another tweet, the Post reported that Gray said, “bong and dildo holders” who tried to impeach Trump would be met with “300 million weapons and an estimated 2 billion rounds of ammo.” 

Commenting on an article that discussed domestic abuse committed by Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people at a gay bar in Orlando in 2016, the Post reported Gray as tweeting: "Well, what did you expect? Being Islamic you knew he had the right to beat you."

Gray tweet: regarding Orlando shooter

Gray did not respond to phone calls or emails from the Prince William Times about the matter on Tuesday.

Gray told the Post's Olivo that some of the tweets were the work of a campaign consultant whom he has since fired. "I agree that some of them were completely inappropriate," Gray told the Post.

Prince William County GOP Chair Bill Card said Gray plans to meet with members of the community to “make amends.” There are no details available yet on when and where that meeting will take place.  

"Prince William County is a diverse community where there is no place for bigotry or intolerance. John Gray has apologized for the inappropriate comments that he made on Twitter in the past and he has expressed sincere remorse,” Card said in a statement Tuesday.

The Democratic Party of Virginia’s Press Secretary Grant Fox called on Gray to immediately withdraw from the race in a press statement released Tuesday. Grant said the tweets were, “disgusting and offensive, and someone like him who holds those views should have no role in public service.”

The Democratic Party of Virginia is also asking Republican candidates running for state offices in the Prince William area to call on Gray to drop out of the chairman’s race. 

The Democratic Party specifically called on Del. Tim Hugo, R-40th, and Republican challengers Kelly McGinn, who is challenging Del. Danica Roem, D-13th; Rich Anderson, who is challenging Del. Hala Ayala, D-51st; D.J. Jordan, who is challenging Del. Elizabeth Guzman, D-31st; Ian Lovejoy, who is challenging Del. Lee Carter, D-50th; Heather Mitchell, who is challenging Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, D-2nd; and Geary Higgins who is vying for the 13th District state Senate seat against Del. John Bell, D-87th, to demand that Gray drop out of the race. 

So far, none of the candidates contacted returned emails for comment as of 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

This is a developing story, stay with for updates.

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(4) comments


Words matter, written and spoken. As important as local land use policy is to me, as important as stopping the staff recommendations to develop the Rural Crescent are to me, I feel compelled to address John's comments.

Some jokes are funny, and some are just plain mean. HIs "jokes" were just plain mean and unbecoming a future elected leader.....


If any of the gutter talk mentioned in this article is true Mr. Gray should withdraw from the race. The excuse that someone else did it - his campaign consultant – doesn't cut it. Regardless of what the other candidates have to say by de facto this alone is deal killer because it is an admission of guilt and demonstration of poor judgment.

As an individual Mr. Gray has every right to say whatever he wants. As an elected representative of the citizens of Prince William County he doesn't have that right when it damages and/or brings harm to them. Mr. Gray can say what he wants about that too but I doubt seriously that the citizens will listen to it, nor be impressed by another “I'm so sorry,” coming from yet another politician.

By the way this article points out that about 23.4% of our residents are foreign born. In the last year or two the political braggadocio touts pride that Prince William County is now officially a minority majority county. Maybe my math is fuzzy but assuming that 50% is the indexing point in order for the 23.4% to be accurate that means that at least 27.6% of the remaining residents cannot be a mixture of Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners and native African immigrants. Who and where are they then?


Not all of us that are foreign born are non-Caucasian...

It would be nice though if it didn't matter what our heritage was.


Are there enough foreign born non-Caucasians to make up at least 27.6% of Prince William County's population? Whatever actually exists there is an inexplicably large hole in their math.

To your second point it is the liberal Democrats and news / entertainment media that keeps bringing up our nation's heritage, plus sorting and labeling everyone into classes and races that best fit their political agendas. Then come campaign and elections time they open the flood gates with all of their barrels blasting at their competition. Mr. Gray was an easy target that blew himself out of the water before the race started.

If you don't like living within this kind of system, which most normal people don't then the way to stop it is to shut down the purveyors where it hurts them the most. Stop supporting them. Don't buy their news publications. Don't watch their TV stations and networks. Don't buy their advertiser's products or services. Don't watch their movies or buy their music. And above all else when it comes to the politicians don't vote for them. When you do this I guarantee you that you will begin to see America for what it really is. A fabulous nation richly blessed full of warm friendly people and glorious sights that cannot be matched by any other nation on Earth.

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