traffic on Va. 28

Northbound traffic on Va. 28 during a morning commute.


Gas taxes will likely go up by 5 cents a gallon throughout Virginia as part of an agreement state lawmakers have reportedly reached on transportation funding.

But Gov. Ralph Northam’s idea to scrap annual vehicle safety inspections likely won’t happen, according to the Associated Press.

Legislators in the state House and Senate had agreed to increase the statewide gas tax by 5 cents a gallon for the next two years and then index future increases to inflation, the AP report said.

In addition, a regional gas tax of 7.6 cents a gallon that is currently in place in Northern Virginia, the Interstate 81 corridor and the Hampton Roads will be implemented throughout the commonwealth, meaning the gas tax will go from about 16 cents a gallon to nearly 34 cents a gallon in some parts of the state.

The compromise must pass before General Assembly session ends Saturday. Lawmakers see it as a way to provide additional funding for transportation improvements that also gives local officials a greater say in how that money is spent, the AP report said.

Northam and a new Democratic majority in the state legislature have made increased funding for roads, bridges and public transit a priority. Some Democrats said the failure to increase gas taxes in past years has exacerbated the problem. 

“This is an historic agreement that will give Virginians more time with their families and less stuck in traffic,” House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, D-41st, of Fairfax, said in the AP report.

Republican Minority Leader Del. Todd Gilbert, R-15th, of Shenandoah, reportedly said families pocketbooks will be hit by the higher gas taxes and other parts of the Democrats’ agenda. 

“Virginians need to buckle up,” Gilbert said. 

The plan announced Thursday also calls for lowering the state’s current vehicle registration fee by $10. The fee is currently $40.75 a year. 

Northam had proposed doing away with required yearly vehicle safety inspections, saying there’s no evidence the inspections improve highway safety. But the idea never gained traction with Virginia lawmakers.


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(6) comments


Democrats, thank you so much for increasing our taxes...that took less then 90 daze. You folks are awesome. Now let's look to the PWC elected officials which are mostly Democrats so we can have the wo fearful 1-2 tax increase guy punch. Why not simply state...we in NOVA and especially PWC dont want senior citizens , dont want the lower income who may own homes unless they are illegal aliens eith 18 people to a home all being paid in cash. You see we Demo leaders want to turn PWC into a snooty snobby Fairfax. On the upside, THANK YOU Demos for giving the GOP great and positive political fodder for the next election...assuming the GOP actually hires a leadership team that knows their nose from the elbow.


"This is an historic agreement that will give Virginians more time with their families and less stuck in traffic,” House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, D-41st, of Fairfax. What is this idiot talking about? Higher taxes wont help anyone but the government waste and spending.


You must live in a different state than I do. Virginia has the 12th lowest gas tax in the U.S. and it shows - most of the roads in Fauquier are in horrible condition because the state doesn't have the money to maintain them. Who do you think is paying for all the toll lanes they keep putting in? The state? Not hardly - those are being built with private money because the state doesn't have the money to do it themselves.


Fauquier is out in the sticks no one lives there. Gas taxes are already ridiculous in NOVA.


I live in pwc and travel to dc for work. You missed the point, we already have a gas tax, car tax, inspection fee, emmissions fee. Where is all that money going to, not to mention state tax. It must be nice to play with other peoples money.


They slashed the emission fee in half, and are planning on getting rid of yearly inspections altogether, we pay next to nothing in gas taxes, while our roads go to disrepair. This punishes people who abuse our environment by driving more, and rewards those who drive fuel efficient vehicles, and electric vehicles.

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