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A Springfield woman was arrested Sunday morning after she accidentally shot herself in the lower body outside Hylton High School in Woodbridge, according to police.

Officers were called to Hylton High, located at 14051 Spriggs Road in Woodbridge, at about 10:26 a.m. Sunday morning to investigate a shots fired call. The investigation revealed the woman was walking toward the ballfield for a sporting event when she realized she was in possession of her holstered handgun, according to Sgt. Jonathan Perok, spokesman for the Prince William County Police Department.

As she attempted to remove the holster and weapon from her belt, the woman accidentally fired a round, striking herself in the “lower body," Perok said.

She was transported to an area hospital for treatment of a non-life-threatening wound, Perok said in a news release.

The investigation revealed the woman has a concealed-carry handgun permit. No other injuries or property damage were reported, Perok said.

Following the investigation, Violet Christine Ross, 37, of Springfield was charged with reckless handling of a firearm and possession of a firearm on school property in connection with the incident.

She was released on a $3,500 unsecured bond for a Sept. 30 court date, Perok said.

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How did this person not know they were carrying a firearm? And they couldn't remove it without firing it? Why would anyone have a round in the chamber? Revoke this person's CC permit!


The most serious legal aspect in this incident is that the woman was carrying a weapon on school grounds. Ironically school grounds are where common sense would welcome citizens that have concealed carry permits but that's not the case in the good old blue Commonweath of Virginia.

Other than accidents do happen with people that carry weapons there are many variables involved as to whether or not to carry a weapon loaded and hot and/or concealed or open carry.

First to the accident types; last year a dancing FBI agent shot a patron in the leg when his weapon fell out of his holster when the guy did a back flip. He tried to pick it up off the floor and the weapon fired. I think it is fair and wise to assume that any law officer's weapon is loaded, racked, locked and ready to fire instantly.

Other variables that seem reasonable to me for someone to carry their weapon hot would be an individual that has some sort of disability that would make it awkward and/or difficult to rack the weapon in time to defend themselves. The disability is usually the main reason the person carries a weapon in the first place. They know that they are easy targets for the bad guys.

My philosophy is to never go anywhere with a weapon that I wouldn't go to unarmed. From there one in the chamber depends on several things like where you are, what time it is and similar.

Sadly we now live in a time when your local Walmart is a very dangerous place to be. That and practicing playing baseball on a school field if you are a Republican member of Congress.


Given this woman's skills, I would say allowing concealed carry should require a very high level of firearms certification and she shouldn't be in possession of a butter knife.

It's just too easy and you won't know who the good guy is.


Articles like this one are usually nothing but reprints of daily police incident reports. They do not go into enough details to provide an informed, accurate and fair analysis of what happened.

Right off the bat this article accentuates two conflicting areas of concern. One the woman was using a belt holster which would mean that the weapon was exposed open carry which is legal without a concealed carry permit. Two inside the belt holster carry which would require a concealed carry permit. The however here is that most women aren't that comfortable with an inside the belt holster. It matters not for this article though because the immediate objective is to generate as much melodramatic personal damage as possible to anyone that supports our rights to have, hold and bear arms. The long range goal is to confiscate all weapons from the citizenry.

Before making any judgment I would also like to know about any exigencies that explain why she carries a weapon to begin with. Has someone threatened her, her family or children? Does she have a restraining order against another person? Have people harassed her and her family because of her political views? Have people been finding dead bodies in the woods close to the school recently? Is she a member of a church or organization that is enduring hate crimes against them? Has she been attacked, robbed, beaten up or any number of other horrible acts that are routine news these days?

For all we know an abrams tank, not a small personal defense pistol might be the appropriate best weapon for the woman's needs. BOOM! Pass the butter please..

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