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Police investigate after man awaiting trial for years was found dead at the Prince William jail

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Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center

A Dale City man who had been incarcerated at the Prince William-Manassas Adult Detention Center for more than four years awaiting trial for charges stemming from a 2016 double shooting was found dead in his cell Tuesday morning. 

forestdale_shooting.png Mohammad Ekram Sherdil

Mohammad Ekram Sherdil, 26, of the 3500 block of Forestdale Avenue in Woodbridge, was found dead in his cell Tuesday after awaiting trial for about four years at the Prince William Manassas Adult Detention Center.

Mohammad Ekram Sherdil, 26, of Dale City, had been held at the jail since February 2017 in connection with charges stemming from the shooting, which occurred on Dec. 9, 2016, according to court records.

Sherdil faced charges for aggravated malicious wounding, carjacking and abduction as well as numerous drug and weapons charges, according to court records.

Officers responded to the jail, located in on Lee Avenue in Manassas, at 4:52 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 23, to investigate after Sherdil was found unresponsive in his cell by another incarcerated person, according to Officer Renee Carr, spokesman for the Prince William County Police Department.

No foul play is suspected at this time. Medical staff responded and provided first aid until fire and rescue personnel arrived. 

Sherdil was pronounced dead at the jail and transported to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy. His death remains under investigation. 

It's not clear why Sherdil's trial was delayed for so long. According to court records, a jury trial was scheduled eight different times but then delayed for unspecified reasons.

Most recently, Sherdil was scheduled for a jury trial earlier this month, but the trial never happened and was rescheduled for September.

The jail has struggled in recent months with two separate COVID-19 outbreaks as well as accusations that incarcerated persons were being denied regular showers and clean changes of clothes and enduring extended quarantines as part of an effort to stem the spread of the virus.

Jail officials revised those policies last week to allow incarcerated people to take at least four showers a week, officials said.

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(9) comments


I'm not saying the county and their lawyers did everything perfectly, but if he was guilty of all those crimes they accused him of, I would dare say he had it coming.



Were there murder charges? Or manslaughter? Your saying the guy deserved death because shots were fired?


You spelled "you're" wrong.


Must make you feel strong and mighty, that spelling bee loss from twenty-five years ago still bothering ya?

No misspelling at all, just used the wrong possessive pronoun.

All better now?



It is interesting that no foul play was suspected but according to inmates the jail hung up sheets across all cells in the area to prevent anyone from seeing the cell where the inmate died. Also the jail immediately removed all mattresses and ran them through metal detectors. Doesn't sound like natural causes to me but it does sound like PWC jail is covering something up


There's no reason why the legal system works so slow. They can blame it on COVID all they want to but that is BS. It sucks that this guy had to sit and wait for so long. It is interesting how the jail is masking him getting murdered. They won't be able to keep avoiding it but it will be interesting to see how they divert blame this time

Mrs. Silence Dogood

Devil is in the details but 4 years for a trial? Can somebody explain this? PW Times? Follow up please.


I do! There is no justice if it isn’t swift! This man sat for four years waiting for a trial?! This county is responsible for his death!! What’s the excuse for not having a trial? Are the lawyers and DAs that stupid?


Wait a second...4 years and no trial? 4 years no trial and now dead?

Ahhh does anyone else think that PWC has a real judicial problem on their hands?

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