scenes of the Manassas protest before the sun

Scenes from the protest against police brutality in Manassas Saturday before police declared an 'unlawful assembly' at 8:11 p.m. when the crowd became unruly.

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WOW, people are indeed gullible, easily led sheep. These are the same types of protests that occurred when that other thug died in an altercation with the police. Michael "Gentle Giant" thug Brown died after strong arm robbing a store and then trying to take a police officer's sidearm. George "thug" Floyd died in a similar manner, wonder what the back story is on this?


The kind of ilk Lee Carter is part of has absolutely NO business holding office in what USED to be a solid RED state, er, Commonwealth, 'course, that WAS 40 + years ago. To explain further, my family moved here from Florida in January of '78, red laws were in full effect, NOTHING was open on Sunday, not even 7/11's. Lee Carter should just take his commie self back to wherever he came from, and take governor blackkkface babykkkiller Northam with him.

Wow, Lee, you're from North Carolina, governor blackkkface's vacation home is in North Carolina, it's a match!!!


The police need to treat these criminals like criminals including the idiot Del. Lee Carter.


It wasn’t peaceful. This was a vulgar display of malcontents. Lee Carter is on video provoking and pushing the police.


i was 100 percent proven right. i was sure lee carter would be front and center there trying to make some scene. i'm glad he got juiced, made my day.

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